Small update

Added following update May 24th 2017, as the numbers from the latest terror event has been updated. May 22nd, with 223 days left of the year, at 22.33 – a 22 year old bombed and killed 22 people. The numbers of injured is now final, and lands on 119. This is announced on the 144th […]

Migrating from Facebook

Here you can read all the posts from Future posts will only be posted on this blog. I posted them in the order they appeared on facebook when I decided to shift to wordpress. So the 1st one right below was my pinned post at the time. Then we reach april 2016, and work our […]

Thoughts of Thoth

16/6 – 2017 Added a small documentary on THOTH. If you want to go directly to the original post, do a page search for religion(s)) or scroll down past the videos below – Added following video June 10th 2017 – A very interesting view into ancient India. All was since the initial unfolding always the same, […]