Rock Tree & EMP Daylight

Added July 18th 2017, a very good explanation of how all functions. Yes, many things aren’t true, this includes many aspects of science, here’s someone who understands and demonstrates the simplicity of this 3 dimensional holographic field of energy and information  – Added 3rd of February 2018 – A video titled “Magnetism & Light. Conjugate […]

Brexit & Economy

Added July 2nd 2018 – “Europe threatens US with new tariffs worth $300bn as trade war escalates” “Investors pull $30 billion out of stocks in 2nd-largest weekly outflow on record” Added following May 31st 2018 – “Europe banks ALERT: Turkey brink of COLLAPSE fear as Lira PLUMMETS threatening Euro crisis” “EU WILL PAY: Italy’s political […]

Beliefs & Love

This is what ancient greeks had to say about believes, thoughts and convictions – This is how people react when they find out that they aren’t who they believed they were. The video right above is an advertisement. The fun part is peoples’ reactions, and blind belief in what they are told. Genes control most […]

Small Update

Added 2/2 2018 – for description of part of the escalation of yet another third phase; do a page search without the “” for ” video 1st of September 2017 ” But the whole post is relevant and interesting. Added March 1st 2018 – Russia shows an animation of them sending a new nuke towards […]

Migrating from Facebook

Here you can read all the posts from Future posts will only be posted on this blog. I posted them in the order they appeared on facebook when I decided to shift to wordpress. So the 1st one right below was my pinned post at the time. Then we reach april 2016, and work our […]

Thoughts of Thoth

3rd of December 2017 – A brief lecture on how the Egyptian royals Akhenaten and Nefertiti pretty much just invented, or put out, a new religion. It also serves as an example of how everything is the same in different clothes – Added March 25th 2018 – A timeline from chaos and forward! No one […]