Random update

This is what ancient greeks had to say about believes, thoughts and convictions – This is how people react when they find out that they aren’t who they believed they were. The video right above is an advertisement. The fun part is peoples’ reactions, and blind belief in what they are told. Genes control most […]

Small update

Added following update May 24th 2017, as the numbers from the latest terror event has been updated. May 22nd, with 223 days left of the year, at 22.33 – a 22 year old bombed and killed 22 people. The numbers of injured is now final, and lands on 119. This is announced on the 144th […]

Migrating from Facebook

Here you can read all the posts from facebook.com/al.r3v3s Future posts will only be posted on this blog. I posted them in the order they appeared on facebook when I decided to shift to wordpress. So the 1st one right below was my pinned post at the time. Then we reach april 2016, and work our […]

Thoughts of Thoth

3rd of December 2017 – A brief lecture on how the Egyptian royals Akhenaten and Nefertiti pretty much just invented, or put out, a new religion. It also serves as an example of how everything is the same in different clothes – 16/6 – 2017 Added a small documentary on THOTH. If you want to […]