The idea of this blog is to introduce the fact that bizarre connections exists all over the place. This blog focuses mostly on numeric connections, as these were also spotted in relation to images I made with various themes. So I knew the connections were beyond the control of others. 1 example of a numeric […]


Added this small video update April 7th – Perhaps we can all agree that hooligans fighting each other are nothing but bullies whom identify with different symbolism. Just as some people identify with Trumps views, and some identify with Hillaries views. Hillary laughed about the fact that she got an obviously lying pedofile a mild […]


Added following articles June 8th 2017 – Former FBI  Directer Comey is to testify on the Russia hacking allegations, described here since October last year, later today. Some days ago, Reality Winner (I am not making this up) leaked insider NSA documents indicting that Russia hacked it all. Some days ago, Russia was also accused […]

Evidence of control

If you have a difficult time believing, and or understanding, that the world is controlled, then look at some of the following videos and articles. The information presented on this blog is not a joke. If you really don’t want to know what’s going on, don’t read it. Added may 16th – These people are ruthless – […]

Rock Tree & EMP Daylight

With so much happening in the world right now, that it can be hard to see the forest for the trees, and since it’s been one year since I did my first facebook post; I decided to make an update featuring trees, mountains and light. If you comprehend what is presented, it becomes easier to understand […]


Yesterday June 24th was the 176th (176/2=88 – 88/2=44) day of this leap-year, and the day we got the result of the Brexit vote. Remember Grexit? From a suggestive perspective the masonic B&G/J pillars of sacrifice are at play again. The Brexit vote was held 11 months 18 days after the Grexit vote. 11 and 9+9. […]

Random update

This is what ancient greeks had to say about believes, thoughts and convictions – This is how people react when they find out that they aren’t who they believed they were. The video right above is an advertisement. The fun part is peoples’ reactions, and blind belief in what they are told. Genes control most […]