Here is a thesis which goes beyond religion and science, backed by pattern recognition – If you don’t want to know what reality could be all about, then stop reading now. Fair warning, I am not native with english spelling and grammar. Consider the following information from a symbolic perspective. Look at symbolic interactionism as […]

Pattern Recognition

What is pattern recognition? From video – “the most basic way to make sense of the world” This site is all about pattern recognition – to help show something weird relating to all. If there is an upper limit to what you can handle about the world and or yourself, then I recommend you go elsewhere. […]


The idea of this blog is to introduce the fact that connections exists all over the place. This blog focuses on numeric connections, as these were also spotted in relation to images I made with various themes. So I knew the connections were beyond the control of others. 1 example of a numeric connection is […]


Added this small video update April 7th – Perhaps we can all agree that hooligans fighting each other are nothing but bullies whom identify with different symbolism. Just as some people identify with Trumps views, and some identify with Hillaries views. Hillary laughed about the fact that she got an obviously lying pedofile a mild […]


Added August 29th 2017 – Russia sending troops to Europe “Russia and Belarus will hold a huge joint military exercise next month, officially involving almost 13,000 soldiers. ” And South Korea threatens North Korea for sending a missile over Japan – The world seems more and more as a kindergarten or highschool class, […]

Evidence of control

September 4th – Check this before it disappears – Added November 2nd 2017 – Then check this, and go to the bottom of this page to get some context as to how parts of the upper echelon operates. – Added November 15th 2017 – A small update on many of the subjects uncovered and documented […]

Rock Tree & EMP Daylight

Added July 18th 2017, a very good explanation of how all functions. Yes, many things aren’t true, this includes many aspects of science, here’s someone who understands and demonstrates the simplicity of this 3 dimensional holographic field of energy and information  – With so much happening in the world right now, that it can be […]