Presented here is an idea about consciousness and free will. It goes beyond religion, culture and science, and is backed by pattern recognition, science, culture and religious ideas.

From my current perspective, all beliefs are a product of slow indoctrination, which leads to a dogmatic approach to life.

If you don’t want to know what reality could be all about, then don’t read anymore.

Fair warning – English is not my primary language.

Consider the following information from a symbolic perspective. Look at symbolic interactionism as well as the speaking balloon to get an idea. Wisdom of the crowd is also interesting in the context of this idea, as well as the fact that we from our infancy attach traits of personality to inanimate objects. Brownian motion is also slightly interesting as all is vibration.

All has to suggest – basically all we currently perceive is the result of a hypnotic dream occurring in one now, experienced by one dimensionless awareness. It’s all attempted explained and shown on this blog with science, numeric patterns, myths, history and current events.

What is ultimately proposed is that all you need to do to be free of the emotional manipulation of this dream, is to observe all energy, and thereby gradually regain all of your awareness in all situations.

Try to appreciate your awareness/consciousness as being the only constant in this constantly moving holographic field of energy.

The hope is that you will have a better understanding of this troubling and or laughable idea at the end of this prologue –

If you are really into science, and highly skeptical, then watch the following before you go on. Otherwise watch it after you look at some of the numeric patterns presented here, with the overall concept explained in this prologue in mind –

Added December 23rd – In general this blog deals with some “conspiratorial” subjects that I know a lot of people will never believe to be true – if you are one of these healthy skeptics, then here is a good video with people presenting facts (to impressed government officials) about the rise of aluminium content in their surroundings. Fluoride, the stuff they also put in our toothpastes, is a byproduct of aluminium production, and according to tests performed by the National Institute of Health “Children in endemic areas of fluorosis are at risk for impaired development of intelligence.” –

June 22nd 2018 – Another bit of sky stripe info.

Added April 30th 2018 – Nasa cancels another moon mission –

Added April 20th 2018 – A short little documentary piece on the “elites”, where some can trace their bloodline all the way back to Sumer. This is because they are the chosen ones, the most corruptible, the copies of awareness that succumbed to the entities that was created to have the ego/eye be as a god. So their genealogy is strongly rooted in what most of us perceive as evil control. They are however the most controlled, the most indoctrinated, the most entranced, and seeking revenge because of knowledge, is succumbing to the very same energy which controls all os us.

What do we really know? Rene Descartes inspired the idea that we might as well be brains in jars. Now simulation theory as well as electrical universe, and especially new age, are popular belief systems. Systems because all beliefs are complex enough to have variations, even as the religion of mainstream society is complex and has variations.

The Kabbalistic tree of life spells IX XI (9 11) when turned 90 degrees.bb123-ixxi-1
9 11’s set up as 9 1’s times 9 1’s = 12345678987654321
Add these and get 81 (9×9) Reversed it’s 18, which is 9+9 or 6+6+6
9/11 (11/9 in EU) has 111 days left of the year.
9 1’s could also be written as 3 111’s.
Divide 111 by 3 and get 37
Divide 12345678987654321 by 37 and get 333666999666333

369 is interesting when it comes to vortex math, check out these 3 videos. Introduction to vortex math 1 and 2 and a shorter one that’s more of a visual introduction.

In Kabbala we also have “Ayn Sof” the eternal sea of nothing that existed before all.
In ancient Egypt we have Nu, the deification of the watery abyss that existed before all.
In ancient Greece, None/Chaos created Gaia, who created Zeus.

January 26th 2018 – Quick fun facts about water, secret societies and 33. There are 32 levels in the seemingly benevolent cult/religion of freemasonry. When they ascend to the level of Shriners, they become 33. At 33 F, water goes from being a solid to a liquid. The human spine has 33 vertebrae, just above the 33rd is the skull, that contains the brain. Click HERE for a video with a now dead journalist asking John Kerry And The 911 Bush kid about conflict of interest running against each other for the presidency, while both being members of Skull And Bones, as well as asking about secrets and 322 (They like to invert, mirror and flip things – 322 minus 223 = 99, 9×11). For more on the doings and corrupt reach of these criminal organisations, go to “Evidence Of Control” and “Random Update” – Added 7/3/18 A Skull & Bones documentary – End of Jan. 26 fun facts.

Added 15th of August 2018 – The alchemical symbol for water is this an upside-down triangle.

June 12th 2018 – Another example of the occurrences of 33 in ancient history, in this case, some 33 feet high gates from India.

Here a dead old school researcher explains how kabbalah and manipulation of reality by numbers is at the core of all secret societies.

Here Dr. Michael Laitman explains five basic principles of Kabbalah.

May 11th 2018 – Very old clip I was just made aware of, never ask John Kerry if he was in Skull and Bones! –

Here’s a longer one from a different angle, with some aftermath interviews.

Added June 5th 2018 – 2 very informative videos on 322 –

Added 7th of march 2018 – A small video documentary documenting the social engineering of at least the western values the last 50+ years. Even though the documentary doesn’t touch upon secret societies, they are the ones making the various shifts happen partly behind the scenes. Many people are very well meaning, they act on their own core beliefs. ALL are manipulated, no matter what our intend may be.

May 21st 2018 – Some updates on the story as well as aspects of how things functions, words, manipulation on a grand scale –

March 9th 2018 – A must watch/read video with a deceased russian explaining how the world operates.

Added March 20th 2018 – Another explanation from the same individual as above –

Added 23rd of Feb/18 – A businessinsider article on Skull & Bones. Here’s a few quotes –

In 1832, Yale students —including future President William Howard Taft’s father— founded one of America’s most famous secret societies: Skull and Bones.
Each year, only 15 juniors are “tapped,” or chosen, for lifetime membership in the club.

Taft also received the honorary title of “magog,” meaning he had the most sexual experience while in the secret club, according to Alexandra Robbins. Young Taft probably found entrance into the club rather easily. His father, former Attorney General Alphonso Taft, cofounded Skull and Bones as a Yale student in 1832.

Before becoming one of JFK’s “Wise Men,” Bundy may have relied on his big brother to help him get into Skull and Bones.” […] “Bundy heavily impacted the evolution of the Vietnam War.

Added January 22nd 2018 – William Prout suggested that: “hydrogen was the fundamental primary matter from which all substances were composed – the proto hyle proposed by ancient Greek philosophers like Thales

Recently A team of astronomers discovered a “Swarm of hydrogen clouds flying away from center of our galaxy

Hydrogen has the atomic number of 1 and the word is derived from the greek word for water. Helium has the atomic number of 2 and the word is derived from the greek word for sun.

And apparently helium shares a law with black holes – “A team of scientists has discovered that a law controlling the bizarre behavior of black holes out in space—is also true for cold helium atoms that can be studied in laboratories.

For much more, also check out this article – And this one –

End of January 22nd 2018 addition.

Since it’s suggestive/hypnotic manipulation, everything has to be very similar; the story has to remain the same in its core – this is mirrored up and down, and for the most part all looks very different (how cell division functions is an ok exampleAnd DNA itself is pretty much just a coding language, as we find in software). So it’s easy to miss how it’s all nothing but a repeating story with a huge focus on keeping people in fear of sticking out, and fearful of believing/supporting the ever-changing concept of wrong ideas.

Added April 8th 2018 – Even our languages are the same from a numeric perspective.

14/2-18 Here’s a picture called Pattern Recognition, uploaded some years ago. It’s made of the hexagon appearing on the north pole of Saturn, the hexagon appearing inside the atom symbol and the hexagon appearing inside the star of David, which is basically just 2 triangles.

Here is an image showing how the star of david ties in to the cube as well as the tree of life as well as the hourglass

Science tells us that all is energy, which run over the construct of time, and the appearance of space. But what if there is but one now, and that now is the one eternal and dimensionless awareness which enter into all births appearing in this holographic field of energy.

All living seems to be very aware – even dogs and humans adapt similar behavioural patterns and personality traits when traumatised at certain states of their experience in here.

If all living perceives by the same awareness, then what about our sense of self? If you follow this information, and follow through with observing, then the identity, or sense of self, becomes pointless, and you eventually become free to approach each now, beyond moral and reason, as the core of the mentally sound and balanced worry-free version of your persona pleases.

Our identities aren’t that special. Most people are nice to be around when they are relaxed and out of character. And all people can learn what they want if they are passionate and will enjoy the process beyond an inner voice telling them what is and isn’t possible.

We are one awareness put through a randomiser of systems and lies. We become a product of our surroundings, and with what appears to be time, eventually a product of our inner world, especially the traumatised subconscious one.

All ideas and words are thoughts, energy, electrochemical reactions. Atoms interacting with atoms. The Egyptian deity Atum was considered the finisher of the world, and the one who would return to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. The Egyptian deity Thoth was considered the creator of all knowledge, as well as maintainer of the universe. Thoths “grandfather” is Nu – as mentioned in the beginning, Nu is the deification of the watery abyss that existed before all.

All thoughts have words, all words have sounds, all sounds vibrate, vibration is energy, energy glows, glowing is light, light is a wave, a wave is caused by vibration/disturbance. Look into sonoluminescens.

Speaking of light – “Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.

30/1/18 – Added a link to what emotions are made of, as some people like to point out that emotions aren’t words. Here is an academic journal from kinsmen laboratory of neurological research – published by Annual Reviews.

Here’s a video demonstrating how frequency is vibration that is energy which organises, for more like this, check “Rock Tree & EMP Daylight” 14/2-18 Added 2 vids on the electromagnetic field here and here This is basically what this is, magnetically bend energy, a field of energy interacting with energy. Strike iron with a hammer, and it becomes magnetic, stroke iron with another magnet, it becomes magnetic, energy aligned in a certain direction – wrap a coil of copper around iron and apply electricity, and the iron instantly becomes magnetic – however odd it may sound, it is in the same way that we are shaped and manipulated, aligned towards a certain direction. Feeling unpleasant in your soul/being stressed, however you may identify feeling pressure, is literally the energy coiling around you as a snake strangling its victim, and it’s only possible because you believe that this is real –

What inspired this blog was twofold – First of, I wanted to share this information; also I noticed that some of the various images I had made as warnings of things I was and is pretty sure will happen, began to give symmetrical numbers between upload of themed image, and date of something significant happening in relation to the themes of the various images.

This is how it works, it’s codes and themes and gathering of focus to themes and escalation of said themes – even in our own lives, beyond the control of others, other than the puppeteer inside all of us – observe it.

One of these images is made from the UN logo, I named it “Unclear” – 666 days later, on the 266th day of the year with 99 days left, North Korea spoke at the UN. Another example is the image named “A Money Bloke“, which was put online 777 days and 111 weeks before Egypt devalued its currency by half. “A Money Bloke” was also put online 333 days before China lost 6% on its markets on 18/8 2015, sparking the 888 Dow drop. The 888 drop occurred over the 232nd and 233rd day of 2015, with 133 and 132 days left.

Added 21st of February 2018 – Things are heating up in the middle east, and there was another rare UN conference. If you don’t count the day of upload, this UN event unfolded 2 years 2 months and 23 days after my “Unclear” UN image.

During a rare U.N. Security Council address, Abbas instead called for an international conference to be held by mid-2018 to kick-start the stalled peace process with Israel and create a “multilateral mechanism” to oversee it. He left the chamber before U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley spoke.

And today, US VP Mike Pence’s office had this update on the North Korean Nuclear situation –

North Korea’s ‘murderous regime’ refused to meet Pence & hear US ultimatum – VP’s office

“I leave here very confident that we are going to continue to do the things we know have to be done to continue to pressure North Korea to abandon their nuclear ambitions,” Pence said on his way back to the US from the Olympics.

Added 2/2 2018 – The whole Fisa Memo thing has been drawn out, and is finally to be released later today, the 33rd day of the year, with 332 left. Fisa Memo is 81 (9×9) in simple gematria. F=6 I=9 69 is found atop the masonic arch (the arch represents the arching characteristics of electricity) Press HERE for a video bringing you up to date with some of the going ons these moments (video updated 17/4/18 – click HERE for an article about the girl in the end of this new video. True or false, it’s been known to happen, as seen in this video documenting the problem. End of 2/2 addition – Do a page search without “” for ” Dow plunges 666 points ” for a post memo release update.

Added 7th of December – I have produced 2 images with economic themes, one of those was uploaded 19/9 2014. The Dow hit another milestone of 24000 30th of November, a week ago today. This was 166 weeks and 6 days since this 19/9 image with the title “A Money Bloke” This picture have had numerous similar symmetric numbers, as well as occult numbers such as 322. For example 19/9/14 was 2 years 2 months 3 days before Dow hit 19.000, and 2 years 22 days before Dow hit 20.000. As mentioned above, it was also put online 777 days before Egypt decided to devalue its currency by half.

An example from the economy itself, is the post Brexit market panic being 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow lost 777 points. All described with links in my “Brexit” post.

Added another example November 21st – 12th of July 2013, I uploaded an upside down version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, 4 years 4 months 4 days later, it sold at an auction for a record breaking 450 million USD, which is also about 40 tons of paper. Salvator Mundi means “Saviour of the world” Here’s a video depicting, via news stories, a timeline, some symbolism and speculation about the sale of this painting. The buyer is a Saudi prince who also held a conference where he made Sophia the chatbot a citizen, and shortly after couped his way to power in Saudi Arabia. For more on Sophia the chatbot and AI go to “Pattern Recognition” Here’s a small excerpt – “Sophia the robot was activated 19th of April 2015, 8448 hours after my image “A Robot Dreams” Besides 8448 hours, it was also 11 months 17 days later. On 17/11 2017 there was a UN conference debating killer robots, this was 111,888,000 seconds after “A Robot Dreams””

Added small update to the Saudi Coup –

2nd of January 2018 – Added small update involving accusations about the current saudi regime “Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, said the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia were behind the recent riots in Iran.

Here’s Americas response in form of their UN ambassador –

Added May 7th 2018 – It seems at least now it is out in the open, that the US helps the Saudis –

And a bonus – the pentagon bought luxury cars to outside contractors.

May 6th 2018 – About a year ago, Korwin Mikke had this to say about the USA’s and EU’s approach to Iran – colonialism. Worth a watch, or listen if you speak polish. Also the last couple of years it has become increasingly obvious how it seems to be a repeating pattern when it comes to many key elements, such as iran, russia, north korea, eu, usa, the economy, dividing of strong opinions.

“IT” wants change, and the various minions do their best to keep all entertained and at the same time less aware, as the repeated becomes an unimportant part of reality, and thus as with magic, the less you see, the more effectual the act.

Then all is horror with north korea, then peace, then lately again north korea seemed provoked that Trump proclaimed that they gave into political preassure, and this after north and south pretty much paved the way for peace themselves. Perhaps because of a collapsed of a nuclear facility, and thus pressure from china as they want access to the contamination.

Here’s the video (If you know the name, you may already judge him not worthy of listening to – consider where you picked up this idea) –

Update added 21st of April 2018 –

And a look at what’s going on in Saudi Arabia –

Added 30th of April 2018 – 4 years 11 months 9 days after this image featuring the israeli flag, “Netanyahu shows slides, shelves of docs claiming Iran has nuclear weapons program

Another small update January 30th 2018 – If you have a hard time believing the world to be a very corrupt place on all levels, beyond none of this actually being real at all, then ask yourself why NO WESTERN media has reported on the following. Perhaps another relevant question would be how I, and many others, can publicly claim that various leaders, etc., are corrupt and murderous killers of children (check further down on “Random Update” Also check this new story UN hired 3300 aid workers workers who are also pedophiles. And this one – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just watch), without any repercussions – They don’t want ANY attention to these FACTS! At the same time, the thought process needs this info out to manipulate the few that understand how the world functions, of course the ones who truly understand that nothing is real are not manipulated by anything, I merely try and convey what is actually occurring –

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US and Saudi Arabia cannot alter the facts on the ground about their sponsorship of Daesh and Iran’s role in defeating the Takfiri terrorist group.

And from video below – “Iran leader: US transferring Daesh to Afghanistan to justify presence in region

April 6th 2018 – Some more indication that at least part of US was helping the present Saudi prince –

Added December 6th – I only made 1 image featuring Israel and Palestine. It’s called “A Detached Site – Lovers – Headache Mint” 1660 days after it was put online, officials confirm that Trump will move americas embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This image is also featured in “Pattern Recognition” with a 322. Also, the jewish festival of Hanukkah falls on different dates each year. The beginning this year was 12/12, 1666 days after the image, and also the beginning of the escalation of the drama in the middle east. For example the day after Hanukkah – Muslim nations urged recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital.

Added small video update Feb 11 2018 involving the shooting down of a Israeli F-16 in Syria, and their claim that the jet was chasing an Iranian drone. 13/2 –

2 years to the date before Trump announced his run for president, I uploaded an image called “Con Swirling/Rising Clown” Find the original facebook post here. The official confirmation of the embassy move is 233 weeks and 3 days after that image. This image have had the numbers happen with pretty much every big move Trump made – Here’s an excerpt of some of those described in “Trump” but taken from “Evidence of Control” where links will be.

“1333 days after “Clown Rising” Trump encourages Police to turn in their corrupt colleagues.” – “Trump won 177 weeks after “Clown Rising”. Trumps inauguration is 188 weeks later – on top of that, Mr. Trump presents himself as Donald J. Trump, which is 888 in english gematria)” – “1222 days, or 3 y 3 m 4 w 4 d after “Clown Rising”, Trump stole some headlines at the Annual Al Smith “Jesuit” dinner” – “the recording of him released October 7th, was 3 years 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days later, or 1210 days since. 1210 is pretty significant, as is 322” This is basically what this blog is about, documenting how occult numbers show up everywhere in connected themes. This is to document that nothing is real, all is occurring right now, there is no time or space. There is only awareness!

May 18th 2018 – Trump is flaunting his diplomatic skills once again, 4 years 11 months and 1 day after “Clown Rising” –

“Donald Trump’s warning to Kim Jong-un: make a deal or suffer same fate as Gaddafi”

Added May 21st 2018 – 1800 days after Rising Clown, Trump is gloves off –

Trump demands investigation into whether Obama administration or FBI spied on his presidential campaign

Added 14/4 2018 – New York Times article from 1988 on the White House’ use of astrology.

Early in his political career, Mr. Reagan scheduled his inauguration as Governor of California in January 1967 to take place at an odd time, 12:10 A.M. News reports at the time said the decision was made to take advantage of favorable astrological portents.

Added May 11th – Another Celeb admitting his devotion to astrology.

“Ex-NFL star Ricky Williams studies astrology – and it’s telling him to invest in Bitcoin” – Note to add, personally, I would only invest in physical items.

Added 12th of April – Yesterday Trump signed a law punishing websites for facilitating sex-trafficking “The law is intended to make it easier for state prosecutors and sex-trafficking victims to sue social media networks, advertisers and others that kept exploitative material on their platforms, although victims would be required to show websites knowingly facilitated sex trafficking.” This is interesting in the light of the “pizzagate” scandal and the Q phenomenon, as both exposed that especially instagram is used to host very odd pictures!, and that nothing is done about it. This law signing occurred 1760 days after “Clown Rising” (176/2=88, 1776/2=888 etc, so yet another of these “special magick” numbers. For more on Q go to “Small Update” for more on Pizzagate go to “Evidence of Control” Also yesterday, Trump threatened Russia via a tweet, who previously threatened the US to leave Syria alone and that any missile as well as the source would be shot down, that smart missiles will be coming to Syria. Here is a video documenting some interesting details considering the gas attack in Syria that led to all this, same old story, and I highly recommend focusing on what is really occurring, EVERYTHING is a lie, none of this is here, not even your thought patterns.

As part of the one dimensionless consciousness is a vibrating eye/ego. Its only function is to vibrate, to create a contrast to an awareness of nothing. Creating a glow. Awareness never experienced the vibration slowed down before, to create light, sound and matter. And thus at the first word; part of consciousness came under a trance, in which it was guided to create a prison for itself, under the guidance of the ego – which throughout this one now has posed as different “gods” as well as all of our thoughts. This is discoverable by observation. It is an individual awakening/reconnecting. Everything stays the same, only all fear and confusion begins to dissipate while you attain total personal insight and acceptance, with time, as more and more realisations are made. As awareness creates this, yet has no relation to it, as you reconnect more and more, what you need enters your sphere, all “you” have to do, is be aware.

11th of Feb 18 – I decided to add this that I recently wrote responding to someone “Try to consider that your only constant in this constantly moving holographic field of energy is your consciousness, your awareness. The thoughts , fears etc. are part of the energy, the rest is just incidental, and there’s the needs of that moment. In here you are a set of, ultimately very fluid, preferences beyond your ego.

You can of course still follow your ego/identity, and forget about this information. You can also try to comprehend everything detailed at the original blog and find out how this really functions, and thereby understanding how to manipulate it.

Of course then you would feed into the story, which is fine.

Overall all is very well – this energy trap is just a story meant to manipulate in order to ultimately attempt to control the uncontrollable. I apologise to those who may feel I repeat myself a lot; read the other posts, there’s plenty of good researchable info here.

If you are still curious, I recommend reading “Migrating from Facebook” for plenty more patterns and observations going back to 2015. “Brexit” for most of the economic patterns. Check “Evidence of Control” to look behind the curtain of the occulted power structure of the world. If you want some more introduction, I recommend “Pattern Recognition” and “Intro

For the full picture – go directly to the source of this information:

The author also produced this 35 minute long video explaining all –

Here is an article about this being an illusion –

‘Substantial evidence’ has been found that everything we see and feel may in fact be be part of a vast illusion, according to a new study from a group of theoretical physicists and astrophysicists.

For more on that subject, I can recommend “Random Update

If you have a tough psyche, and is extremely curious no matter what you may find, and want to see some more numbers, as well as a description of part of the escalation of yet another third phase, then read this “Small Update” Remember, it’s just a story, meant to manipulate, direct focus and instil fear and confusion. Fear and confusion that is then focused upon by the individual as being real and valid. Focus is taken, energy is put back into the holographic field of energy, and the circle of abuse continues.

I should add that this information, when comprehended, can seem depressing. I can recommend reading this “The Five Stages Of Grief” – “Cognitive Dissonance” is also nice to be aware of. It should also be pointed out that any notions of hurting self or others, thoughts of revenge and such because of realising whatever, certainly does not come from awareness.

Added June 5th 2018 – If you count the day of upload, the 1st of 2 images featuring Obama, was uploaded 1666 before June 4th (see 2nd one below), where following article came out –

Sailor pardoned by Trump is SUING Obama and Comey for going easy on Hillary Clinton but sending him to prison after he photographed classified area of nuclear sub

If any in that is confusing to you, remember that Miss Clinton, beyond sharing classified information, spying and lying, also revealed the US’ nuclear respons time!

Added 25th of January 2018 – Yesterday, “Drudge” tweeted this –

A picture of Obama, Mueller and Comey along with the text “Winds of war…”

This was 1533 (333) days after image below. 15 – 3 on 2nd clock face. Clock face deciphers found at bottom of post –

Tweet has since been deleted, apparently Matt Drudge often clears all his tweets. Proof of tweet here.

If picture doesn’t appear, click here.


2 other Obama related images that had some interesting numbers attached can be found in “Random Update

Here’s an excerpt –

right after the evening of true Pentacost, or Shavuot, at the end of the Bilderberg meeting, and 11 months 16 days after the rainbow bridge was opened by the Supreme court on 26/6/15, we are again reminded of the Rainbow with the shooting at a gay club called Pulse. The attacker was born the 16th of the 11th month.

Today the 14th of june, Obama suggested the ban of assault riffles –

This is also exactly 1116 days, or 3 years 20 days after these 2 images I made on 25/5/13.

As for the titles, I have no opinions anymore, and I possess no weapons of any kind. But I did at the time disapprove of the “elites” overall plan, which I was beginning to understand, as I saw it unfold.”

The first picture even has 16 111 written in one eye. Both pictures can be seen in “Random Update” or at the bottom of my tumblr archive.

Also today – “The gold price rose to its highest level in more than a year on Thursday as investors seek a safe haven after the US dollar dipped to a three-year low against a basket of six major currencies.

If you don’t count the day of upload, this was 1223 days after “A Money Bloke” mentioned on this page, and if you include today, it was 3 years 22 days after my other picture with an economic theme found below. The symbol in that picture is made of all currency symbols. Go to “Brexit” for many more big financial news and their correlations with these 2 pictures –


Added 2/2 2018 – “Dow plunges 666 points – worst day since Brexit” Nasdaq ended 144 points/1.96% down (12×12 and 69 reversed – the top of the masonic arch) It was 176 weeks since the image “A Money Bloke” (176/2=88 – 1776/2=888 etc. USA was founded in 1776, the freedom tower is 1776 feet high). If you count today, A Money Bloke was uploaded 1233 days ago. Count today again, and the picture seen above was uploaded 3 years 30 days ago.

Added February 5th 2018 – Today the Dow dropped over 1000 points, 3 years 1 month 1 day after above image, or 161 weeks and 1 day.

If you don’t see some obvious overall all over the place patterns here, and you are still reading this, then there’s really no need looking at the rest of these pages.

If you do see some consistent patterns in some kind of fathomed context, and is curious – then I can recommend reading the various blog posts here, as well as the original blog, to make up your own mind.

Here are the numeric keys uncovered at the illuminatimatrix blog –

Atom Symbol Clock Faces 1 - 6

Atom Symbol Clock Faces 7 - 12

Go here for more on the numbers –

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