Mini Intro

What is pattern recognition? From video – “the most basic way to make sense of the world

This site is all about pattern recognition – to help show something very bizarre.

If there is an upper limit to what you can handle about the world and or yourself, then I recommend that you visit another site.

IF you are up for a potential ride into a different view of the world, backed by the proof of pattern recognition, with plenty of hard to explain away numeric patterns, then read a little further.

I made a couple of images and uploaded them to tumblr. Some were meant as cryptic warnings for future events I at the time had become convinced would eventually happen, because of recognition of certain patterns in this history of the world as it unfolded. Like an intensifying of certain themes on certain dates.

For example Brexit, the result came out the 176th day of that year. 176 is but one interesting number, associated with many themes – 176/2=88 1776/2=888… We also got the result 11 months 19 days after the Grexit vote.

With time, whenever something big happened in for example the theme of the economic world, the same numbers would occur between upload of image and significant part of theme occurring.

For example, the image “A Money Bloke” was put on tumblr 333 days before china lost 6% on its markets, sparking the 888 Dow drop. It was also put on tumblr 777 days before Egypt devalued its currency by 48%

It’s not only in my images – After Brexit there was a market panic, this unfolded 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow lost 777 points. “Brexit” post will have all links.

The only other image I made with an economic theme is made of all major currency symbols as well as some flags within the us flag. That was put online 2 years 22 days before the dow passed 20000. And 18888 hours before the Dow passed 21000

Several of my images have had symmetrical numerical occurrences, as well as occult numbers such as 322. An image I made with Obama called “Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn” was put on tumblr 3 years 3 months 20 days before Trump accused him of wiretapping – See all links in post called “Update

Added July 22nd – The only image I made featuring Israel and Palestine was put on tumblr 1522 (15 is 3 on 2nd clock-face, so another 322) days before this –

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Six people were killed on Friday in the bloodiest spate of Israeli-Palestinian violence for years, prompted by new security Israeli measures at Jerusalem’s holiest site.

Speaking of 322, here’s some numbers from gods creation (here I should stress that what I ultimately propose is that all is energy, awareness isn’t energy, so this is not about religion, science or even simulation theory) –

According to this cosmological text, God created the universe by 32 mysterious paths consisting of 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet together with ten sefirot [ten primordial numbers/powers, associated with the attributes of God]” –

While on numbers and creation in general, when the tree of life from the Kabbalah is laid on its side, it spells IXXI – IX 9 XI 11

On the 11th of the 9th month, there’s 111 days left of the year.

It’s all about focus combined with coding of these numbing numbers mixed with subconscious beliefs and a constant bombarding of irrelevant pointless information, which oddly enough, helps create the next insane moments.

So if you take 9 11’s, and spread out the ones as 111.111.111 times 111.111.111 – we get all numbers – 12345678987654321. If we add those, we get 81, which is 9×9. It’s also 18 reversed, 9 + 9.. So this can go on for a while. There are many consistant bizarre numeric connections scattered throughout this blog.

Added following update July 18th, the 199th day of the year with 166 left. Yesterday, 17/7 (as written in Denmark) there was a 7,7 earthquake striking near Alaska and Russia (There is an insane amount of valid consistant information on these names at the original blog).

If you count the day of the last above 7 EQ, then this new above 7 EQ was 177 days later. If you don’t count the day, it was 176 days later. As mentioned above, 176 is one of those special numbers. The USA was founded in 1776, the height of the new “freedom” tower is 1776 feet. 176/2 1776/2 17776/2 – 88 888 8888…

Also today, the Japanese stock index Nikkei, ended at 19.999.91 with a drop of 119 points (118,95) – As mentioned from the very beginning of these writings on facebook back in 2015, and hinted in my pictures since 2013 – there will be powerfull earthquakes destroying parts of the west coast of the US. I almost sound like a religious nut job?

As I explain throughout this blog, it’s all about directing focus and opinion. Since this is an illusion occurring in one now, it only really changes when it’s all played, so to speak. The various religions have a big role in this 3D illusion, and some will believe that what will happen are signs that they are right about whatever lunacy they as a group believe.

Let’s just call religion – whatever people believe wholeheartedly with no actual proof. So a scientist whom works from some of the belief systems that science unfortunately is, will have the same mental breakdown if challenged, as a “normal” person will, when they are shown how corrupt the world is. Blind uninformed beliefs always lead to hostility or despair when challenged – Read “Migrating From Facebook” for more posts on large earthquakes with the same patterns of numbers attached to them in various ways.

Following is a quote from a facebook update from April 2016, linked below –

yesterday, the 9th of april, with 266 days left of the year, was also the 1st of nisan (Nazi N) This was also 166 days after a 7.7 earthquake hit afghanistan, india and pakistan –…/earthquake-of-77-magnitude-strikes-in… – an EQ which remains a mystery to science –…/151026-afghanistan-pa…/

Today, april 10th, the 101st day of this year, the same 3 countries were hit by a 6.6 earthquake.

Lastly in this update – A very interesting and highly recommended watch on numbers –

If you want to go straight to some more number action, go to “Brexit” – there’s many more throughout all posts though. If you want a little more introduction, with some videos explaining and documenting aspects of this from others than just me, go to the original “Intro

Remember, thoughts are energy as well. The Egyptian God Thoth is the creator of pretty much all creative and intellectual knowledge, as well as the maintainer of the universe. All is little wordgames and small changes occurring over what appears to be time and space. All energy occurs over time and space, of which there is none. Count to 10, where is 10? There is only now, and that excludes the lunacy of the thought process, however sane and benevolent that process may appear to you.

Added July 13th 2017 – In “Evidence Of Control” and “Trump” – I have tried my best to describe the corruption of the world. At some point I declared that it would not surprise me if Clinton and Trump are friends behind the curtain, as I propose all of these people are. So here is some circumstantial evidence, pointing in that direction, from the old Chief of the oversight committee, also featured in numerous videos in the 2 pages mentioned above, Jason Chaffetz –


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