Pattern Recognition

What is pattern recognition? From video – “the most basic way to make sense of the world

This site is all about pattern recognition – to help show something weird relating to all.

If there is an upper limit to what you can handle about the world and or yourself, then I recommend you go elsewhere.

If you are up for a potential ride into a different view of the world, and potentially also a different view on your “self”, backed by the proof of pattern recognition, with plenty of hard to explain away numeric patterns, then read a little further.

Here I should stress that what I ultimately propose is that all is energy, awareness isn’t energy. So this is not about religion, science or even simulation theory – Do a page search for ” specific ” if you want to skip what’s written below, and go to the numeric patterns.

Added November 4th – A good video introducing some various subjects relevant to this blog. Besides many terror incidents occurring on the 22nd; it also introduces the fact, that the architect of the old world trade center, also designed a building with freemasonic/illuminati/Egyptian symbolism, when seen from above. It’s quite blatant, here’s the video –

Added 26th of December – A lengthy video on the astrology/magic aspect of the whole 911 ritual.

Here’s another very interesting video with some details surrounding 911. The tower project was apparently foisted onto Larry Silverstein, meaning someone else wasn’t capable or it was seen as an unclean job. No matter what, then it’s just more circumstantial evidence pointing towards a preplanned satanic ritual.

I might add that satanic does not imply that it’s good and bad, it’s just a word to describe what part of this is at play. See it more as coding language with preplanned intent. Let’s say the only way to take control of some interdimensional cpu, would be to slowly code it into believing that it was the energy it produced, to the point where it no longer knew who was in control, and just believed all its own outputs.

Added 3rd of February 2018 – A video suggesting we are now in Aquarius, with has a similar symbol to that found on Charlie Browns shirt –

Added November 9th – A small example of how they hide various numeric codes in entertainment, here the number 88 in a Charlie Brown episode –

Added November 20th – Same guy as in above video shows some more about 8 and how all living is built from a hexagonal/honeycomb structure –

Added December 13th – Again same guy, this time with more 88 and some insight into how one moment shapes in to the next –

If you don’t need to see any evidence before tackling this somewhat bizarre piece of philosophy, then I can recommend reading the following page from the original blog, which in general contains a lot of explanations and connections, only the following page is more descriptive. I have nothing to do with the original blog, other than that I read it, and saw there was something there. Then I observed, watched and waited, and learned to ultimately act on nothing but the moment, beyond thought, etc. At times I found my self in cognitive dissonance and overall disbelief, while trying to show others, at some level hoping to be disproven in what I had discovered and experienced.

So as mentioned, this is not for all, and big egos may go in circles for a while. It has however made everything very easy, and I will say this, we aren’t that special, as in our identities. Most people are nice to be around when they are relaxed and out of character. And all people can learn what they want if they are passionate and will enjoy the process beyond an inner voice telling them what is and isn’t possible and so forth. We are one awareness put through a randomiser of systems and lies. We are a product of our surroundings, and with what appears to be time, eventually a product of our inner world, especially the traumatised subconscious one. So losing ones ego is not that bad, it can be a difficult process though. (Added October 20th – Jim Carrey is featured a couple of times further down this page, here he basically explains the same about our identities as I did above) – Added some more Jim Carrey clips December 17th, click here – I want to add that he is under control of “something else”. Just as Sasha Fierce has completely taken over Beyoncé Knowles, so too, has something else completely taken over Jim Carrey. And as it says, “I” enjoyed playing with this avatar. Me writing this may be off-putting to some, or sound religious, but that is caused by your programming, not by the information I present! According to now “possessed” satanic high priest Carrey, “I am everything and this thing” The key difference in the information presented at this blog, is that our awareness is none of this.

Added September 10th – Machine learning is inspired by pattern recognition, and is how all current AI’s become really good at what they do. We are not an artificial intelligence, but rather real awareness, and we have nothing to do with this. We are beyond any of this, and so when we observe our ego, and react beyond thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ideas, judgement etc, but only on each moment with the full acceptance of what is, then the processor, true awareness, always knows what to do, because there are no longer any distractions. You can also chose to chase/follow your ego, and try to become number 1 at whatever. Or leave this information altogether, it only really matters if the world is about to change. The original blog promises an individual end to the horror, and that I can vouch for, plus a gradually increasing insight into your own self, while gaining experience, etc. I would say it can be like a dance with an ego that knows you better than you do. The original author compares it to warfare that transcends the traditional. The enemy truly is within. The soul is energy, and part of the lie. I should also add, that the original blog has accurately described world events before they happened, since 2006. That blog goes way further than the patterns presented here, this blog is meant as an introduction to the original work, as well as sharing small parts of my experience with this. As with the original blog, this blog is also available on web-archieve. So you can trust all dates.

Added December 4th – Geordie Rose, co-founder of D-WAVE (Quantum Computing) is part of a new company now, a company that aspires creating REAL AI, not just machine learned automatons. See his very creepy lecture here, where he flat out says that real AI will be consciousness from other dimensions. Basically just the energy fucking with us in a different form –

May 13th 2018 – Another Geordie Rose video, where some if his key claims or edited so you don’t have to wait for it –

21st feb. 18 – Added this video that is a must see if you saw the geordie rose one above. If you didn’t watch that, then this is still a good low down of what ai is capable of –

Added 13th of April 2018 for those who could be curious as to how “machine learning” ai operates, very similar to our brains –

6/9 – A small rant, on western culture. On danish television there is a show with a family living in a complete 70ies environment. Basically it shows how everything has been the same, at least, the last 50 years. It even makes fun of how utterly pointless some fads are. The current elite of the world has fed us the same story in different clothes for so many decades, and even centuries. Only seemingly more advanced, and with new innovative tech really just about bringing the same even closer and more often. All has become about toys and bought experience. While all real adventure and innovation is locked away from us. Look into the actual state of affairs. “Evidence of Control” is a good place to start. It doesn’t matter though, as we _are_ free, and beyond mental control. Once you kick a habit, it can feel extremely freeing in itself.

There’s also a show with a life style expert, and a carpenter who used to work on a fix your home show, going to poor contries, having a contest to guess house prices places so poor and new rich at the same time, that the contrast in the episode I watched, was unbelievable. The western system strikes again, and has random fun with it on tv. It’s a disgusting system void of empathy, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with following it. There is no hell, there is no heaven. All there is is each moment, beyond time, space and thought, thoughts which appear over time and space, as energy. Electrochemical reactions, atoms reacting with atoms. Light energy.

Loosely paraphrased from original blog – The Egyptian God Thoth is the creator of all knowledge, as well as the maintainer of the universe. All thoughts have words, all words have sounds, all sounds vibrate, vibration is energy, energy glows, glowing is light. Light is a wave, as shown in for example the first video in “Rock Tree & EMP Daylight” – a wave is caused by disturbance or vibration, as explained “here“. All you see is electrons making up a holographic field of information and energy, shot out through one liquid crystal brain. We are divided up in frequencies. Always in one now. The trance begins when we begin to believe this. The more we indulge in their systems/religions of all kinds, the more entranced we become, and thus the more we feed the ego, so to speak. For more on Thoth, go to the “Thoughts of Thoth

10/9 – If you have a hard time believing that someone is trying to destroy the world on purpose, then check out this video, documenting rapid water evaporation on land and in the ocean. You have to see this to believe it. There have been many hints that this may hit NY at some point, and since they control it, if they want it to happen, it will. Any notion of revenge, fear, desperation etc., is energy and part of the same. All they want us to do, is to direct our focus and energy where they need it. We are not this. If anyone gets confused as to who is in control, then know that awareness is. Only for the most part in 3D, it’s under the control of the belief in the thought process, and that thought process is directed by the elite. Who are again manipulated by the same, but given access to the tools and knowledge needed to manipulate how this illusion really operates. So they believe it enough to place worth and value enough to dedicate their lives to rituals and studying, also they get inspired by the energy interacting with them directly in various forms. Sounds cray cray, I know. There are more videos from the guy below, further down on this page. One of them shows how controlled opposition operates and shills. The world of conspiracy is a jungle, I have tried to make it easy to look under the surface of that world in “Evidence of Control” This is mostly meant for those who don’t understand that the world is controlled, as I didn’t fully grasp before I began exploring this subject. There are also plenty more enraging videos in my first “Intro.” –

Added small update to above mentioned subject, October 1st 2017 –

Added October 16th more on above subject with updates at the end of this page.

Continue here for specific numeric examples that are beyond random!

Since 2013 I have made various images and uploaded them to tumblr. Some were meant as cryptic warnings of future events I at the time had become convinced would eventually fully unfold, because of recognition of certain patterns in this history of the world, as that unfolded. Like an intensifying of certain themes on certain dates.

For example Brexit, the result came out the 176th day of that year. 176 is but one interesting number, associated with many themes – 176/2=88 1776/2=888… We also got the result 11 months 19 days after the Grexit vote.

With time, whenever something big happened in for example the theme of the economic world, the same numbers would occur between upload of image and significant part of theme occurring.

For example, the image “A Money Bloke” was put on tumblr (19/9 2014) 333 days before china lost 6% on its markets (18/8 2015), sparking the 888 Dow drop. It was also put on tumblr 777 days before Egypt devalued its currency by 48%

It’s not only in my images – After Brexit there was a market panic, this unfolded 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow lost 777 points. “Brexit” post will have all links.

Brexit was also 176.44% of a year since “A Money Bloke” from 19/9/14, or 644 days later (644/2=322)

The only other image I made with an economic theme is made of all major currency symbols as well as some flags within the us flag. That was put online 2 years 22 days before the dow passed 20000. And 18888 hours before the Dow passed 21000. And 12.888 hours before the post Brexit market panic.

Several of my images have had symmetrical numerical occurrences, as well as occult numbers such as 322. An image I made with Obama called “Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn” was put on tumblr 3 years 3 months 20 days before Trump accused him of wiretapping – See all links in post called “Update

Added 23rd of September, the 266nd day of the year, with 99 left, and 666 days since I uploaded an image to tumblr with the UN logo at 6.06. That image is called “Unclear” Also this happened –

On 19/9 Trump threatened in a speech at the UN to potentially destroy North Korea (This was 1 year 9 months 23 days before the picture that would then hit 666 on 23/9 when the Rocket Man with his unclear nuclear plans had the opportunity to respond to Trump via the same platform). So today North Korea basically called Trumps UN threats a suicide mission. Of course this led Trump to fly some bombers near the coast of North Korea. As mentioned throughout this blog, this doesn’t mean anything will happen soon. It’s just more collecting of fear and other energies and focus in this one now, a collection of energy that will eventually be put into some type of scenario to create more fear and confusion, for enough energy to be released to drastically change this.

Added November 28th 2017, which is the 332rd day of the year with 33 days left, it’s also 66 days since North Korea spoke at the UN, and North Korea launched another missile. Trump says he will deal with it, empty rhetorics as usual, time will tell –

Added November 20th – Sophia the robot was activated 19th of April 2015, 8448 hours after my image “A Robot Dreams” Besides 8448 hours, it was also 11 months 17 days later. On 17/11 2017 there was a UN conference debating killer robots, this was 111,888,000 seconds after “A Robot Dreams”

Added following link 20th of September – Yesterday, 19/9, 3 years to the date since “A Money Bloke” Russia decided to no longer accept Dollars in Russian seaports –

Added 1st of September 2017 – Yesterday it came out that James Comey drafted the statement not to investigate Hillary 2 months before he interviewed her. This was 223 weeks after an image I made with a lady behind barres called “Refiner Ops”, which was also uploaded 176 weeks before wikileaks leaked mails that got her a lot of attention. Another example is this, Susan Rice testified 3 years 11 monts 11 days after “Refiner Ops” image. Comey testified the day before – 1441 days after the image.For more on that, and Comey’s shenanigans, check “Evidence of Control

Added October 25th 2017 – Today everybody is talking about Comey and Clinton again, 1616 days after above mentioned image –

Also it looks more and more as if it was actually the democrats doing all the russian things they tried to pin on Trump, here’s a video about it by Mike Dice –

Added 6/6 2018 – 262 weeks and 6 days (2626) after above mentioned image, this –

DOJ watchdog finds James Comey defied authority as FBI director, sources say

17th April 2018 – Small Comey update –

19th of April – Comey admits deep state –

Added October 29th – a fun video with Hillary being uncomfortable –

Added October 26th – Some more on the democrat thing –

Added July 22nd – The only image I made featuring Israel and Palestine was put on tumblr 1522 (15 is 3 on 2nd clock-face, so another 322) days before this –

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Six people were killed on Friday in the bloodiest spate of Israeli-Palestinian violence for years, prompted by new security Israeli measures at Jerusalem’s holiest site.

Speaking of 322, here’s some numbers from gods creation –

According to this cosmological text, God created the universe by 32 mysterious paths consisting of 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet together with ten sefirot [ten primordial numbers/powers, associated with the attributes of God]” –

While on numbers and creation in general, when the tree of life from the Kabbalah is laid on its side, it spells IXXI – IX 9 XI 11

On the 11th of the 9th month, there’s 111 days left of the year.

It’s all about focus combined with coding of these numbing numbers mixed with subconscious beliefs and a constant bombarding of irrelevant pointless information, which oddly enough, helps create the next insane moments.

So if you take 9 11’s, and spread out the ones as 111.111.111 times 111.111.111 – we get all numbers – 12345678987654321. If we add those, we get 81, which is 9×9. It’s also 18 reversed, 9 + 9.. So this can go on for a while. There are many consistant bizarre numeric connections scattered throughout this blog.

Added following update July 18th, the 199th day of the year with 166 left. Yesterday, 17/7 (as written in Denmark) there was a 7,7 earthquake striking near Alaska and Russia (There is an insane amount of valid consistant information on these names at the original blog).

If you count the day of the last above 7 EQ, then this new above 7 EQ was 177 days later. If you don’t count the day, it was 176 days later. As mentioned above, 176 is one of those special numbers. The USA was founded in 1776, the height of the new “freedom” tower is 1776 feet. 176/2 1776/2 17776/2 – 88 888 8888…

Also today, the Japanese stock index Nikkei, ended at 19.999.91 with a drop of 119 points (118,95) – As mentioned from the very beginning of these writings on facebook back in 2015, and hinted in my pictures since 2013 – there will be powerfull earthquakes destroying parts of the west coast of the US. I almost sound like a religious nut job?

As I explain throughout this blog, it’s all about directing focus and opinion. Since this is an illusion occurring in one now, it only really changes when it’s all played, so to speak. The various religions have a big role in this 3D illusion, and some will believe that what will happen are signs that they are right about whatever lunacy they as a group believe.

Let’s just call religion – whatever people believe wholeheartedly with no actual proof. So a scientist whom works from some of the belief systems that science unfortunately is, will have the same mental breakdown if challenged, as a “normal” person will, when they are shown how corrupt the world is. Blind uninformed beliefs always lead to hostility or despair when challenged – Read “Migrating From Facebook” for more posts on large earthquakes with the same patterns of numbers attached to them in various ways.

Following is a quote from a facebook update from April 2016, linked below –

yesterday, the 9th of april, with 266 days left of the year, was also the 1st of nisan (Nazi N) This was also 166 days after a 7.7 earthquake hit afghanistan, india and pakistan –…/earthquake-of-77-magnitude-strikes-in… – an EQ which remains a mystery to science –…/151026-afghanistan-pa…/

Today, april 10th, the 101st day of this year, the same 3 countries were hit by a 6.6 earthquake.

Lastly in this update – A very interesting and highly recommended watch on numbers –

If you want to go straight to some more number action, go to “Brexit” – there’s many more throughout all posts though. If you want a little more introduction, with some videos explaining and documenting aspects of this from others than just me, go to the original “Intro

Remember, thoughts are energy as well. The Egyptian God Thoth is the creator of pretty much all creative and intellectual knowledge, as well as the maintainer of the universe. All is little wordgames and small changes occurring over what appears to be time and space. All energy occurs over time and space, of which there is none. Count to 10, where is 10? There is only now, and that excludes the lunacy of the thought process, however sane and benevolent that process may appear to you.

May 13th 2018 – Something is going on, pulse signal traveling the US –

Added July 13th 2017 – In “Evidence Of Control” and “Trump” – I have tried my best to describe the corruption of the world. At some point I declared that it would not surprise me if Clinton and Trump are friends behind the curtain, as I at times propose all of these people are, this doesn’t mean I am correct, however here is some circumstantial evidence, pointing in that direction, from the old Chief of the oversight committee, also featured in numerous videos in the 2 pages mentioned above, Jason Chaffetz –

Added small update to the above, October 1st 2017 –

Added another relevant update to above October 31st –

Added August 17, a great little video on 911, as well as some various stories of numeric interest below. Besides some odd footage in the video below, a stewardesse working on one of the planes is heard leaving a message on her husbands answering machine – beginning the message with “listen carefully” and ending it with whispering “it’s a frame” –

On the 223rd day of the year, a privately owned submarine sank, and a swedish journalist called Kim Isabel Wall went missing. It’s a real murder mystery. The submarine has been lifted out of the ocean, but Kim is still missing. She was supposedly writing a story about the owner, Peter Madsen, who also goes by the name “Raket Madsen” (Rocket Madson) Raket Madsen equals 666 in english gematria, and 111 in simple.

Kim is 33 in simple gematria (11, 9, 13) Both Isabel and Wall is 288 in english gematria (2×88=176)

The submarine is 17,76 meters, and goes by the name – UC3 Nautilus – which in all with the 3 is 144 in simple gematria, 12×12, completion of a cycle, UC3 is 21 3 3, or 2+1= 3, so 333. It dives to a maximum of 330 feet.

If you count the day it was launched, 3rd of may 2008, then it was sunk 3388 days later.

Added August 21st, the 233rd day of the year – today, the owner of the submarine says that Kim had an accident in the submarine, and that he buried her at sea. Also, Jerry Lewis died yesterday, his name is 144, another hint of completion of a cycle. And I just learned that the iconic Big Ben of London will be making its last ring of its bell in 4 years at noon today, as it’s undergoing restorations.

This happened almost parallel to the latest North Korea tensions. As described and shown throughout this blog, it’s all about suggestion, thus directing focus, as well as creating confusion and fear in the subconscious.

Added small update September 5th – The “Rocket Madson” mentioned above, was interrogated august 12th. 3 weeks 3 days later, today, the trial to keep him or let him go began. At 3.33 pm it is revealed that she didn’t have her panties on, when he threw her overboard. This again happens parallel to the latest North Korea tensions, where China, Russia, Japan, the US as well as South and North Korea are having a bizarre display of public threats thrown around. End of small update.

North Korea threatened to strike the American Military island, Guam, in the middle of August. Then they mentioned that they wouldn’t do it anyway, if the US chilled some and didn’t provoke them again – I’m loosely paraphrasing here.. So Trump said it was a wise decision – Yet the US will still carry out what Kim (the north korean) considers a provocation. Go figure 🙂

Past drills have included simulated ‘decapitation strikes’ with soldiers carrying out trial operations to kill Kim and his top generals” – Kim Jong Un is 33 years old.

In the US itself, things are getting really crazy. Everything is becoming “al revés” – Statues are being torn down by people claiming to be fighters of freedom and free speech, while they suppress and destroy, beat up people and threaten left and right. Kind of like how ISIS view themselves as working for something greater than all, tear down statues, and dominate those who won’t follow the ideas of the ISIS.

Added 19/9 – 2 years before Trump launched his presidential campaign, I posted an image called Con Swirling/Rising Clown. I spotted that and knew he would win, and the day after my first post about it, he got his first official backing, in form of Mr. Chris Christie – See that post here. No one believed he would win at that time, and later on, I even won some pocket money on his win. Since the first post, the image has had numbers such as what I found today, pretty much every time a big trump story hit mainstream. Go to “Trump” post for more, do a page search for 1333 to jump to the many examples. Later I found that I posted a picture of me on FB with a photoshopped Trump haircut, 322 days before I uploaded Rising Clown image.

Today he spoke at the UN, threatening North Korea. This was 222 weeks and 2 days after Rising Clown. His jesuit dinner with Hillary before the election was 1222 days after.

Added August 21st – the same day I began this update, but unbeknown to me until today, a petition was started to label Antifa as a terrorist organisation. Today, this passed the 100000 signatures needed for the white house to actually respond (divide and have the slave peasants fight each other, conquer as they do by building a fence of new laws and ideas around them) –

Added October 31st –

As described on this blog, people have been herded into a dangerous herd mentality, where there is nothing but black and white, right and wrong, left and right.

See through it all, thoughts included, to see clearly.

Here is a body language analysis of the CEO of Patreon, an online economical support platform that allows anyone to support content creators. They ended up in hot water, because they dared remove an extremist person from their system –

Here’s another example of how this antifa (anti fascist) movement act like fascist terrorists, and the reason why the CEO in the video above is nervous about going against them – even the policeman in the video below mention that the movement just wants another chaos, as the one that had a person drive into a bunch of them (This happened the day after the 223rd day of the year, and the license plate of the dodge charger is GVF 1111 – here is a small video on some details from that day). This “antifa movement” is a scary example of herd mentality, where they actually believe they are fighting evil, so they become the evil. In reality there is no good nor evil, just a bunch of sentient energy being divided on a philosophical level –

And should anyone disagree that at least both groups are violent, then watch these images and read these stories. It almost looks like a marketed civil war.

Added August 24th – Even CNNs panel agrees with Trump –

Added August 29th – Here Mark Dice dissects one of the latest award shows, again to demonstrate how one side of the populous is being riled up –

It has become insanely obvious how the mainstream media runs a certain edited narrative.

Here is what Trump actually said, and as you can see, he is correct. I don’t want to overflow with videos, but the negatively minded groups are but a small fraction of something much larger, of all colours. People who really identify with the patriotic base that the Usa was founded upon. And Antifa destroying statues, is destroying history, like Isis did.

Here’s a few quotes from the Novel 1984 –

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

“The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.”

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

“How do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?”

What will come next in this insane narrative?

It also seems we aren’t being told the true numbers of the latest terrorist attacks. The guy in the video, featured in several videos on this blog for his knowledge and demonstration of magnetism and light, recently got on instagram, and found videos from witnesses. I take his word for it, I don’t need to see that. Check it out, he just explains, no videos or images (added august 20th, the numbers are getting closer to realistic, but they seem to draw it out as a show, why?) –

And this the day before the 230th day of the year, with 135 days left. 135 relating to California, with it’s 135 degree angle, or angel. Just before the eclipse occurring on the 2 year anniversary of the dow 888 crash. It may not make a lot of sense to connect these things, but this is how it functions. It suggests from a set of rules described in detail on the original blog that led to my understanding of this –

It doesn’t mean anything of notice will happen anytime soon, but it keeps adding up, as described on the blog pages found in the top of this page, and in much more detail on the original blog. Most likely they will just do some insane ritual, and everything will go back to normal as usual, or it’s getting closer, who knows. I am not a fear mongering, I present personally researchable factual patterns, intertwined with some controversial stories and my own art. (Added 9/9 they did small ritual – – “Students will conduct high altitude balloon flights from 30 locations across the 8/21/2017 total eclipse path”)

Luckily this video just came out, with a guy explaining how they believe it functions, those who currently control the holographic field.

While on Trump, and all the 8’s mentioned above. Trump is 88 in gematria, he was often presented as Donald J. Trump, which is 888. His full name Donald John Trump is 1110. He was born 15 minutes after a lunar eclipse.

Added following August 22nd – On the eclipse and 223 (322)

The Saros is a period of approximately 223 synodic months, that can be used to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon.

And as shown before, the ones who currently run the show, also believe in and got their secrets from Kabbalism. Which is insane when it comes to rituals and numbers. Rituals being satanic sacrifices as described above, manipulated by a compliant media top. There are documentaries on Kabbalah in “Thoughts of Thoth” and “Intro” – The media thing, research that for yourself, there are a few good examples scattered throughout this blog though – Here’s a small piece of satire on the media subject from 2010 –

Look at all the numeric patterns presented on this blog, or go straight to the source –

I should add, that if anyone is in agreement with any of what is presented, and it seems depressing, then understand that any idea, thought or notion of suicide, and even depression, is part of this holographic field, that they control. You can observe it, and become free of it. That in itself can be depressing for some, look at the The 5 Stages of Grief & Loss if interested. It does set you free though. It can also easily be laughed off.

By observing your inner world, instead of mindlessly reacting to it, you get to know it very well, and come to understand a lot of things. I’m sorry I can’t put it in more beautiful new agey terms. Oh, but it does eventually leave you with all of your awareness in each moment, which makes all easier than you can imagine.

Added August 19th – It could look like they try to provoke a civil war –

Trump’s arts council puts hidden “RESIST” message in resignation letter

Remember, Trump is in hot water for his media narrated handling of this Charlottesville matter.

Added August 27th – Hiding messages in resignation letters is now a thing, this time the word impeach.

Added August 23rd – some more one the escalating tensions –

Try this page as well if curious on the overall subject presented on this blog-

Added August 24th – A short poem with a length of 3 minutes 22 seconds. If I were the devil By Paul Harvey –

To give anyone reading a general idea of where we are in the story line, then check this video. Read “Migrating From Facebook” to get a sense as how everything developed as well as showing the same numeric patterns. It’s all about collecting energy, as their is no time. But at some point, the energy will be triggered. It can go on for a while, so try focusing on the simplicity of all of this –

Here’s some background on Arpaio, he lead an investigation into Obamas birth certificate. See a video with the result of that investigation here –

Added following video August 29th – Trump defends his pardon of Arpaio, and list some crazy criminals that Obama and the Clintons pardoned –

So as you can see, when it relates to the division and tactics used, it’s getting more real, so to speak.

Here’s another interesting video –

A couple of other interested connections. Hurricane Harvey (HH=88) is about to hit Corpus Christi in Texas “with winds of at least 111 mph by the time it hits the middle Texas coast late Friday or early Saturday” Hurricane Harvey also equals 176 in simple gematria.

Added following link 20/9 – As mentioned above, Hurricane Harvey hit Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) 2 new hurricanes are named after Spanish version of Mary and Josef –

Relating to 322, this just came out –

Babylonian tablet Plimpton 322 will make studying maths easier, mathematician says

Remember, Kabbalism is directing the subconscious focus by repeating stories/similar themes, surrounding certain numbers, the more hidden the more effectual.

Here’s a video on how the media uses simple hypnotic/scamming techniques to alter our perception of the state of affairs –

Added following August 25th – I can recommend the movie They Live, from 1988.
It’s a pretty good analogy as to what is going on, and how difficult it can be to make others grasp.

Here author Philip K. Dick explains why he beliefs we are in a simulation. This is not a simulation though, but similar. Just an example of a serious person with a huge impact on popular culture saying something along the lines of what I explain. There’s more examples from real science and media in the post “Random Update” –

I guess I’m trying to make the argument, that what this blogs presents, as well as the original blog, isn’t that insane afterall. Merely a different twist that seems to works wonders. Like an actually applicable solution to the mystery of what all is.

Added 11th of september 2017 – Jim Carrey explains what all is, albeit in a seemingly sarcastic manner. KRS-ONE explains the same in a video in “Random Update” –

Added November 2nd – An interesting interview about sacrifice in the music industry –

And this video that ties in and documents what something like this looks like in the media –

Added 13th og September, if you listen to the following video, then it may give Jim Carrey’s words another dimension.

Added September 25th, it almost seems as Jim Carrey read this or the original blog, then he may just be a high priest who is told how things are –

Added August 30th – An update to some videos below, about rapid water evaporation being used to fuel Harvey –

Added August 27th.

Check out these 2 videos – 1st one is examples of obvious weather manipulation, relating to Hurricane Harvey, there are other interesting videos on the channel. Such as the eclipse being followed by a cloud cover found 2 videos above these words. The second video relates some to the hurricane as well, which is tied to a movie, it is a speculative video.

Adde 28/8 – A must see video on many different things, amongst those vibrated water, vibrated sand, and linked to here, levitated water –

Here from same video, linked to sonoluminescens –

Here is part of my comment I left for the video –

“It shows how all is energy. Vibration is energy, energy glows, glowing is light. Light is a wave. A wave is caused by vibration. I propose that awareness is dimensionless, but entranced by the Egyptian god Thoth, creator of all knowledge, as well as the maintainer of the universe. So we believe this to be real. All thoughts are energy, electrochemical reactions. All thoughts have words, all words have sounds, all sounds vibrate, all vibration is energy, energy glows, glowing is light.”

Added 1/11 Check this out, dude creates a star in a jar by creating a vacuum around a negative current to a positive, he even admits they don’t understand how this functions, or is run, this is pretty fascinating –

Added Nov 2nd – Sound levitation, laser levitation, and a better sonoluminescens video –

And then a video about how god spoke the world into being, remember, everything is but manipulative stories, very similar to each other, as all is based on one –

Here is a link to a CIA document, also found in “Thoughts of Thoth

The document describes a case from Russia, where the KGB informs, that they by accident shot down a UFO. 5 aliens emerged, and merged into a ball of energy, exploding with light. Turning all but 2 soldiers, hiding in the shadows, to stone.

Here’s a very informative video on what electricity is, as well as how it functions –

Here’s a small quote from Einstein, a real quote from Einstein not just a random meme, featured in this Forbes article –

“Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Added following article 4th of September – As mentioned some times in “Thoughts of Thoth” Science is super dynamic, as in it changes whenever, which really tells us that as with religion, there is no complete truth. Many things lean up against the only truth, such as quantum mechanics, which physicist now want to rebuild/rethink. As described here with the help of actual demonstrations of magnetic fields, this is merely a electromagnetic holographic field of energies and information, shot out in front of us in this one moment. Science and religion, as well as the largest cult/religion of mainstream society, will always change “facts” and values –

Added 7th of September – A part of read by a robot lady voice. It’s very succinct, as is this quote from below the video, also taken from the original blog

When you do NO THING, other than being fully aware that the 3 dimensional experience is an illusory deception conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS, which was meant to disconnect us from REALITY, then you have reconnected to your original eternal wisdom state. There’s nothing to do, just simply become AWARE of what is transpiring. Perfection and purity is what we are ALREADY. This is wisdom and this is liberty, this is the freedom and the power and strength of what we ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

And, that can take some time to accept, even if the evidence is right in front of you.

Added October 16th just to give an update – Here are some videos of clear oddities, for example a tree burning only on the inside, the outside is fine. Houses and stores burned to dust, but nothing around them, even trees standing. And more clear rapid evaporation of water. Also a little more on the abusive nature of the elite documented in “Evidence of Control” –

Also, check this out, a live demonstration of how all functions. As magnetism. The center even looks like an eye with iris around and pupil in he middle –

Added October 22nd – More odd weather videos, in the following video –

November 15th – A ghost helped shape the human, at least a species which fossils have never been found –

Check “Thoughts of Thoth” for more like this. As mentioned, the energy itself can take any form and interact with its manifestation in any way it pleases. As mentioned in the top, it sounds crazy, but it fills in a lot of blancs.


2 thoughts on “Pattern Recognition

  1. Phenomenal work! Im too hungover from last night to put a proper response together and I want to reread this several times but this is magnificent. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts!

    • You’re welcome. If anyone reading this comment is curious about the experience of others, as I was, there is someone sharing some insight in the comment section under the “Trump” post.

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