The idea of this blog is to introduce the fact that connections exists all over the place.

This blog focuses on numeric connections, as these were also spotted in relation to images I made with various themes. So I knew the connections were beyond the control of others.

1 example of a numeric connection is the Brexit market panic, which happened 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow lost 777 points. Here are a couple of other examples, from an image I made called “A Money Bloke” – It was put online 333 days before China lost 6% on its markets, sparking the 888 point Dow drop. The image was also put online 777 days before Egypt devalued their currency by 48% – For more such connections, as well as links to images and all news stories, documenting dates and events, go to the “Brexit” post.

Bear in mind that I am not a native english speaker. I am however confidant that everything is legible.

Added following link August 15th – to a lot of numbers relating to the Total Solar Eclipse appearing over the USA on August 21st. (The blog you are currently reading is trying to expose all as being fake, so even though there will be articles and videos from religious people and scientists, these only serve to back up my claims)

Below are a few quotes from that link – before that, I want to mention that the last total solar eclipse appearing over America occurred 30th of November 1776 – 87922 days before the August 21 eclipse, which occurs 11 weeks and 1 day before the 88000 day anniversary of the 1776 one, on 7/11 (11/7 in USA). Also today, a new sunspot appeared – AR12671 – It will be in the center of the sun august 21st. Reversed it’s 176 21 RA.

First contact is in the state of Oregon, the 33rd state in the USA. The last contact is in South Carolina on the 33rd parallel. This eclipse happens on day 233 of the year.

The totality will reach Oregon at 10:16 AM Pacific, and will end in South Carolina at 2:49 PM Eastern. That means it will take 1 hour and 33 minutes to cross the country.

The August 21, 2017 eclipse also cuts through every major occult symbol in the United States like the Georgia Guidestones, St. Louis Gateway Arches, and the founding state of the masons to name a few.

June 8th – Added small comment on commenting on this site. I have no way of seeing what “Akismet” believes to be spam, and google searches let me know, that real comments often get caught by this filter, that cannot be turned off in the version of WordPress that I am using. Here from my stats (Akismet has protected your site from 122 spam comments already.) If you have commented, and it doesn’t show up, try sending an e-mail to the address stated to the right under the logo. Back to original post –

The numeric connections ties into Kabbalah, there’s a documentary on that near the end of the “Thoughts of Thoth” post.

There is a post on numbers on the original facebook page. It’s also featured in “Migrating From Facebook“, with some added details, you have to scroll down to find it though, or do a page search for 31/10/15. The post covers various facts of numbers, such as 111.111.111 times 111.111.111 resulting in all numbers – 12345678987654321.

I tried to leave the original Facebook posts unedited. Both the original Facebook, as well as this blog, is webarchived, so that you can see how everything developed, if that should become of interest to track at some point.

The original blog which send me on a truth rollercoaster, is found here –

I made a PDF-backup of all of it, up till 2013. PDF may be an easier format for some to deal with –

IlluminatiMATRIX.pdf (100mb) (I changed hosting to someone who requires an email for the generated download link, do a search for temp mail if you don’t want to use your own)

That a video is featured on this blog does not necessarily indicate that I agree with the person or persons who made it, or even their message. I use other peoples videos, and articles, to show what’s going on, as well as how all is connected.

Added 19th of Feb. 2018 – Since this intro page lightly touches on the flat earth subject, in order to show inconsistencies about many aspects of life, which are pretty much only explained by flat earthers, I present an interview with the guy who made “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon” He explains why it has to be round, and in general this is a great interview with some good info –

Added May 9th 2018 – If you have nothing to do or is insanely into the shape of the earth, then watch this debate between educated believers in round earth, and amateur researchers in plane earth –

Added April 30th 2017 – Following video is a great introduction into how numbers are used, and an introduction to the 2 videos below. The “flat earth” in the titles and themes of some of the videos, are merely people drawing empty conclusions. For example, the video below the following video shows a show with an astronaut reacting in real time to the audience, even though there is supposed to be an 11 second delay. So it really shows nothing else than something fishy going on, the same is the case with many of the other videos featured on this intro page. But people will always draw empty conclusions, because of people having a religious approach to their believes and convictions.

In the end of the mentioned show, there’s a live act going on between an astronaut and a musician on earth. It is both mind blowing and funny at times. It does not matter if the ground beneath us is fixed or free flowing, and it acts as nothing but a distraction, which draws attention away from the obvious, dramatic and provable lies that groups of blind idiots allow to happen, as well as groups of deliberately sinister intellectuals – Appreciate that I have no emotional approach to this, even though it may sound so at times. I merely state what I observe, at times sprinkled with my sense of humour.

Added 16/10/17 – I have no idea what exact shape the earth is, so here’s yet another theory for those into the subject. My motivation with the flat earth themed videos is to show inconsistencies in official narrative –

Added April 7th 2018 – This is my best bet as to how the universe really is –

April 13th 2018 – Very informative video on Antarctica –

April 15th 2018 – Some more details of Antarctica anomalies –

Added January 29th 2018 – A very good video on how perspective and colours work –

Added January 17th 2018 – Some inconsistencies in size vs observable reality –

Added October 17th, a very good short documentary on why nasa is an expensive lie –

Added 7th of February 2018 – So Elon Musks SpaceX sent a car to space, showing the round earth on a live feed.

A live feed that glitched out and showed the car in a room –

Another video on that subject added 10/2-18 –

Added 13/9 an embarrassing spectacle.

Added September 15th – Cassini is 444 in english gematria –

Added following 2 must watch videos, April 27th –

It gets weirder – Read the rest of this blog – “Random Update” is a good place to begin if you have some minutes.

Added following video September 7th – Footage of a private guy doing the same with VR as the astronauts do in “space” Like throwing around objects that aren’t really there –

Added following video June 21st – Some doctor amuses himself by mentioning that the world is flat, on 2 separate occasions. The most appalling video though, is the “Delay” video above the video right above this –

Since on doctors, I added following article about Lithium in the water August 29th. I knew about fluoride in the water, and how it messes with the brain and the ability to really grasp things, but the casual nature of this article about lithium in the water, and the suggestion that it might be a good idea to deliberately add it, again managed to blow my mind some. Added 20/9 The link to fluoride lowering IQ is to Huffington post, yesterday CNN awoke to the bad facts of fluoride

Added July 18th, another “flat earth” video by a guy who also uses some humour/sarcasm in his approach to discovering the lies of this world. However, as stated before all the videos, it shows nothing other than something fishy going on. It may as well just proof that what we see is a “simulated” view, as in, no matter how high we go, the horizon will always be at eye level! Go to “Rock Tree & EMP Daylight” to see a video with a very skilled explanation as to why this might be (Added July 23rd – Here is a video demonstrating that the horizon is at eye level. Added September 10th – regular lens footage from the side of a rocket going 121000 miles or about 200 km up, this also shows how the horizon stays at eye level, even at that height – The electron, light, does not exist! Even Tesla knew that, he also knew that Einstein was a puppet and a liar. So Einstein got all the fame, and most think Tesla is a car –

Added this older hearing on climate change July 12th 2017. Why are they lying? Because it has to seem as though we are the problem on a vast scale. Even though the “problem” has always been the elite families. That a lot more people make a lot more money, especially the past 17 years, is merely the elite expanding on their scheme with having some of the slaves inside the comfort of the house –

Added July 30th – In “Random Update” there is a very detailed and good documentary on evolution, here are some smaller clips that help explain a lot about how extreme and vast lies are kept intact, even if they can’t be explained –

Added July 15th – Another fun Nasa video. This time they aren’t faking delays in space, but fake excitement about a new close up of Jupiter. One of the exiting things are the clouds of Jupiter, which apparently haven’t moved in 2 years –

Added this must see video may 6th –

Added following update May 6th – I realise I provide an enormous amount of video material from youtube. This is only meant as supporting documentation for what I write. I can recommend the “Nasa Delay” mentioned a few times further up. And as mentioned in the top, this blog is mostly meant to be about occult numbers occurring between date of upload of an image I made, with a certain theme, either visually or in the title, and this theme happening in the world. See “Brexit” post. This for me documents that there is something to the information I present.

Very basically it is a way to return to the resilient mind you were when you entered. Only with all skills you have now, plus no more personal hidden or deliberate lies. A very clear outlook in all situations, no fear, no big ego. So you will lose the inner world you over the apparent years came to believe was you, if you choose to observe it all. What is gained is from my current perspective absolutely priceless and of endless value. I began this philosophical journey 5 years ago. It’s not for all.

If anyone is interested, following is a a very good explanation of how the Kabbalah, spoken of in various posts such as “Thoughts of Thoth“, actually functions. It sends codes to our powerful subconscious reasoning, which then dreams the part when it is triggered.

An extremely detailed explanation of everything is available at the original blog.

Here is the video –

Added following article may 16th – About how “god created the world with language, when he merged the letter with the number” Everything is coded with certain numbers. This is beyond random, and very well documented. Everybody believes something which drives them, but also prevents them from seeing how all is the same, as well as realising fairly obvious things about themselves and the world. Science agrees with the overall concept of nothing really existing, I merely provide the answer as to what consciousness/awareness is, something science does not have an answer to.

The 3D feeds on focus. Focus on what you enjoy in each moment, not your worries or fears or other things that aren’t really relevant at all. Especially not when you begin to discover and understand the power and simplicity of this.

Added small update to this intro May 21st – for those who read this far.

Why even begin to consider something this insane? Besides everything being very well explained at the original blog, this also happens to be the final push for total control, of the entranced part of this one awareness, the part that’s dreaming this, or keeping it alive by focusing on it. Not only on an individual level, but also as a whole, kind of as the cpu would run it all, and still run the A.I’s in a simulation. Speaking of “simulation”, would you then be able to have the A.I’s react to impulses and thoughts you programmed into them. So that you could still control them, even though they were a sentient being?

So, this is the final push for control, and what will occur the coming years, was planned from the very beginning of when all this began to unfold in one now. The triggers are increasingly fed. What will happen should be obvious for all who read this far, if not, read the blog, and fear not, for what you really are always knows what to do in each moment, as it was always there just before it happened, it just forgets each time it enters whatever is birthed/manifested into this energy dream occurring in this one now!

In the end of the coming sequences/phases, we will be brought to our knees, believing one god! Or we wont, but surely we were and are meant to. The energy/ego/eye is as a parasite which only runs on shock and awe on the large scale.

I use numeric connections to show that something very weird is going on, as my story is nothing but my story, and these consistent numeric patterns of occult numbers seem to be a little harder to explain away.

Recently I noticed that an image I made with a religious theme was put online 1 year 11 months and 1 day before the religious part of Trumps religious tour concludes, with a visit to the Vatican –

Added June 19th – Pope, and a bunch of other religious overheads, releases a make friends video, 1 year 11 months and 22 days after above mentioned image.

Added following video May 25th. Another christian shows how the manipulation functions. He has no clue what’s really going on, and no religious person understand their true motivation. Scientists, your neighbour, catholics, etc. etc. etc., have no clue, but blindly follow. The dense ignorance only has one key answer, not only is humanity steered by media and all of which that entails, people are also puppeteered by their minds, and all these minds are increasingly being set up against each-other! In reality there are no minds, only one awareness of all, not divided, and not energy as we know it. And it’s still there inside you, as when you were born. Only now it’s in a deeper trance. It can be difficult to imagine, as quantum mechanics baffle the brightest minds, whom also don’t have an answer as to where memory is stored or what awareness/consciousness really is. On the pages found in the menu to the left, I describe the answer. Read all of this blog if much of this is new to you, or go to the original if you know and accept a lot of what’s presented here. If not, then give this blog a try.

Added small update/summarisation of the whole Seth Rich/DNC thing, as that seems to be rolling again –

Added May 26th – Here 2 CNN reporters desperately try doing their job, which is to shut down any talk of Seth Rich and the hacking of the DNC. Another death in the relation to this, is the curious case of Shawn Lucas, whom was shot to death a month after he initiated a lawsuit against the DNC. Theres a video on that, and the death of Seth Rich, in the top of “Evidence of Control

Added May 30th – Finally something which resembles mainstream media takes the Seth Rich story serious. In “Evidence of control“, back in October last year, I describe how they (USA) tried to blame Russia for the hacking. Then in march this year, I describe how Comey (former/now fired director of FBI) all of a sudden claimed they (FBI) were investigating Trump for Russia ties. As mentioned back then, a clever tactic, which would make it look odd if Comey eventually would be fired. –

Added June 27th – Comey’s a liar –

Added May 31st – A good, but 30 minute long, video composed of news clips, to tell the story of the development in the DNC leak case. Besides the curious murders, CBS news reporter Ben Swan was shut down after looking into Pizzagate, a part of the Guccifer 2.0 leaks. Then Sean Hannity of Fox News was shut down after looking into the Seth Rich murder –

Added following update June 2nd – There’s a lot of leaks going on. What this is suggesting, is that the vessel of the USA is slowly taking in water. In general, the suggestions are becoming more and more apparent. War, economy, flooding and water, good vs evil, and everybody thinks the other party is evil.

So, here is the fun story of Debbie Wasserman Schults, whom seems to become more and more desperate. She was the chair of the DNC. Last week she threatened a police chief whom denied returning a laptop belonging to her, or one of her staffers. Then some days ago, she blamed her administration for allowing her to break IT-security rules. Now she allegedly called a law firm, with a case against the DNC, and tried to intimidate them while using a voice-altering device, but she didn’t block her caller-ID. This is just too funny at times. For more like this, go to “Evidence of Control

Below the article is a body language analysis of her –

Here’s a body language analysis of the incident where she threatens the police chief –

Lastly, an odd video, that nonetheless describe part of how this functions. Why does it work this way, you may ask? Because awareness sees all at once, in a trance, so it functions kind of like a robot just producing the output of what it has been indoctrinated with, you could call all the details of a programming language indoctrination, if we drew a parallel to better comprehend. All in one now, on the whole and on an individual basis. Observing will help you recognise what we all really are, then you don’t react to the impulses anymore, and are thus free to approach all as you truly prefer in each moment. It’s a subtle balance, and some egos may react to foolish impulses, instead of focusing on the simple message being conveyed on this blog.

Here’s the promised video –

Added June 3rd – A good video containing clips with 911 predictive programming. I linked the timing to an example which is quite obvious. The whole video is interesting –

Added June 4th – Another great example of how the world was and is manipulated. If you are with this so far, please remember what I am trying to show –

Also Added June 4th, a video with one of the people who helps influence the whole world –

Added following video June 8th, a great lowdown of language –

Added following video June 13th – The dutch whistleblower, featured in a body language analysis video in the beginning of “Evidence of Control“, has been interviewed again. If you believe him, and he does seem to tell the truth, such as the top of the elite sacrificing children, then it may be a very frustrating experience to listen to. This is exactly why he is allowed to tell all this. They want those of us that know that they are in power, to know, that there is no stopping them – leading to what they really need, which is FOCUS, frustration, anger, revenge, reaction; so that they have an excuse to further their agenda of control. The interesting thing is, that those in the top of the pyramid, are also the most religious people. They are manipulated directly by what initiated this existence, so to them a supreme being you don’t attempt to mess with at all ever. So they will die with a smile, while believing they will wake up in a new body next to their god, in this 3D world, and rule with “him”, over the rest of us. They believe they are doing a greater good. Upon death, they will return to the one awareness, as all of us. And their existence has no other purpose than to be slave handlers, and entertain this entity called the ego, which attempts to control awareness by thinking up this place, or more accurately, vibrating patterns which we over what appears to be time, have been trained to “dream”, or visualise through the vibrating ego – which at some point changed its vibration, and caught the attention of part of awareness, as nothing different had ever happened until that point – Try to remember, there is no right or wrong, there is no time, it’s all manipulation occurring in one now, appearing and escalating by focus alone. Here is a guy paraphrasing key points of the interview –

Added following small update 16th of June – Since the subtitle of this blog is “Pattern Recognition” I felt I should share some patterns I discovered lately. One thing is, that the mainstream attack on christians as well as conspiracy theorists are becoming almost as obvious as the attacks on trump. No group is more right or wrong than others. Pretty much all groups are wrong, and if we allow ourselves to go back to when we were all born, and accept that that is right now, as there is nothing but one now, then we may allow ourselves to realise, that we are all the same, and that the various indoctrinations matter very little. It’s all meant to divide, and sooner than you think, pit us against each other, instead of the obvious sources of all these differing believes.

My first Facebook post is about the economy. My second one is about earthquakes and the hoover dam. As mentioned throughout this blog, it seems that something happening to the hover dam, will be the trigger which unleashes a myriad of events. Not necessarily at once, but at that point, the climate produced since the Y2K scare of 1999, and especially since 11th of September (111 days left of year) 2001, will get worse. Then structured, then destroyed again. And the creative cycle will have been reset, with the leftovers believing that “god” did this. The creative energy is behind all, in this one now. There is no god, there is no devil. There is a from all perspectives predatorily cold and psychopathic energy which enjoys playing god of all in this one now, and thoughts and emotions are the threads leading to the true puppeteers. This energy is all, the only free will that you have; is reality – which is awareness, which perceives all this. Reality perseveres and outsmarts all, without even thinking about it.

So L.A. is the sacrifice meant to initiate the beginning of the “end”. On the 13th of June, 111 people lost their lives to a mudslide caused by heavy rain in Bangladesh. Remember, all language is like programming language triggering an entranced mind to create the next moment. BANG LA D(I)SH.

Same day in BALTIMORE – 6 people were shot dead. BAL is satan, TIMORE in Italian means fear, dread, worry, alarm. It also sounds as timer.

Then the very next day, the day before the 166th day of the year, with 188 days left, a tall building fire kills a still not known number of people in London, with scenes reminiscent of the skyscrapers of 911, on LATIMER road.

Today, the Japanese Nikkei was up 111.44 points. Google “Nikkei June 16th 2017” if you want to see for yourself.

If this is getting to difficult to follow, read the original blog to get a better understanding of the double speak at play. Read the rest of this blog to see how consistent these numbers are. No one really wants to debate this, someone called this confirmation bias, but deleted his comment on youtube before I could answer. Read it all, look up confirmation bias, and make up your own mind. I asked Cedric Villani what his take is, and he merely mentioned that he is under the believe that patterns occur all over, and that it proves nothing. When I asked him if it seems random that occult numbers prevalent in secret societies, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt, consistently occurs between date of image with specific theme, and theme happening in world, I never heard from him again. I remain open for debate, and explanations that aren’t just empty believes. As for this blog, I don’t feel that adding more will help anyone reading understanding this any better.

That the triggers are becoming more apparent, does not necessarily mean that something big will happen any time soon, but it does help show, that they are more prevalent at certain dates and times. If something of interest happens, I will most likely update and comment.

Added a new video June 21st – With rapper KRS one, who tells the secrets of the rich and powerful. Only his knowledge is limited, as they too are lied to. Basically what he says is true, but when the strong illusion of death occurs, we go back to the one awareness, this goes for all of us. The various deities is this predatorily parasitical energy occurring in this one now, and they will remain in their current form, as long as we focus on all of it, and believe just fractions of it to hold value and matter and importance. But watch it, he explains everything very succinctly. There’s a similar video with him in “Random Update” –

Added following video June 25th – A good break down of a part of Nasas occult roots –

Added June 26th – A fun little montage of how things have become in the U.S., aspects of the overall theme is also very prevalent in the rest of at least the western world –

Added following Colbert piece on media manipulation August 7th –

Added small update August 26th, on various themes covered on this blog, especially “Evidence of Control” –


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