14/4 2018 – Must watch video from a year ago about the chemical attack in syria then –

This one also shows how, AT LEAST!, 2 sides are working towards one goal.

4/4/18 added some relevant articles –

5th of april 2018 –

april 7th 2018 –

Nikki Haley has erupted in another fiery Russophobic rant, warning that Russia will “never be America’s friend.” Moscow can try to behave “like a regular country,” but the US will “slap them when we need to,” Haley said

Added March 16th 2018 – A few russia/usa updates –

Added August 29th 2017 – Russia sending troops to Europe “Russia and Belarus will hold a huge joint military exercise next month, officially involving almost 13,000 soldiers. ”

And South Korea threatens North Korea for sending a missile over Japan –

The world seems more and more as a kindergarten or highschool class, where others speak for others, everybody is a coward, and the bullies are insecure, and the insecure are bullies.

Added following articles June 8th 2017 – Former FBI  Directer Comey is to testify on the Russia hacking allegations, described here since October last year, later today. Some days ago, Reality Winner (I am not making this up) leaked insider NSA documents indicting that Russia hacked it all. Some days ago, Russia was also accused of planting fake news leading to the Qatar crisis – 2 links below –

Added 2nd update to the exposure of CNN June 28th, 1st one can be found in “Evidence of Control” Russia is a big nothing burger –

Added following speculative video, that none the less point out a lot of dead Russians as of late, it may hint of the type of people we are dealing with, and what the world is like. In case you didn’t know –

Added August 29th 2017 – Another update on dead russians, this time dash cam footage from the car of a Russian MP that got blown out of the water –

Added later June 8th – Comey was the leaker, we are all getting played, not only in the 3D, but beyond. Read all of this blog! –

Added following video on something different than war 14th of April –

11th of April – Added following update on the Russia situation, as this was originally an update on the Russia situation. Where to begin, I will start with a body language analysis on Assad. Then a warning from Putin below, and finally – a video with Sean Spicer calling out Russia. No matter the international climate, then all is well, read the rest of this blog 🙂 The conclusion on what reality is may be disturbing to some. It is however not religious, and not based in simulation sci-fi philosophy. The conclusion may challenge your ego. Be warned millennials.

Added following Freudian Slip April 24th –

Added following video April 12th – The americans again put forward a serious claim, with no evidence other than hearsay that they can’t eloborate on –

6/6 -17 Added following body language analysis video on Putin being interviewed by Megan Kelly –

Added following update 30th of March 2017 – 4th of March 2017, Trump claimed that Obama wiretapped him. This was 3 years 3 months 20 days after an image I made called “some men just want to watch the world burn” featuring Obama. It was put online (US date format) 11/12/13 – 11.44 – 4th of March 2017 was also 330,96% of a year since upload. 9,69 is the speed of saturn, 69 is also placed a top the masonic arch.

Added following video April 22nd – As mentioned in Evidence of Control, it would not surprise me if most leaders of the world are working together in ushering in their new body of control. What Assad presents here, is interesting no matter what –

Added following video April 7th – Yesterday Trump launched an airstrike on Syria, this was the 96th day of the year, with 269 days left. Here’s a body language analysis on Trump announcing the deed.

Added following 2 articles April 9th – Today, on the 99th day of the year, with 266 days left, Trump sent a US fleet towards North Korea. This is also 199 weeks since my “Rising Clown” image linked and described lower on this blogpage –

And Russia and Iran send a message –

Then on the 20th of March, current FBI director Comey announced that the bureau is investigating if Russia helped Trump win the election – A clever tactic, which holds no water, as both John McCain and John Podesta have received help og money from russians – See “Evidence of Control” – and “Trump” as well as the rest of this post, which mostly is on the russian hacking allegations. Skip ahead to March 28th, 176 weeks after my second Obama image called Red, White and Blue, an interview with Evelyn Farkas on MSNBC from 2nd of March reemerges. Basically she confirms that the accusations Trump would put forward 2 days later, are true. The discovery of this slip of the tongue happened 3 weeks and 3 days after Trumps wiretapping claim.

6/6 – 17 Added following interview to back up my “clever tactic” claim right above –

Added following video 1st of April – an interesting body language analysis of Evelyn Farkas –

If numbers such as 33, 69 and 176 mean nothing to you, then be sure to read the rest of this blog, especially the “Brexit” post, and discover the consistency of these numbers appearing all over the place!

Here’s a sample from an update on another Obama themed image I made, featured in “Random Update

[…]right after the evening of true Pentacost, or Shavuot, at the end of the Bilderberg meeting, and 11 months 16 days after the rainbow bridge was opened by the Supreme court on 26/6/15, we are again reminded of the Rainbow with the shooting at a gay club called Pulse. The attacker was born the 16th of the 11th month.

Today the 14th of june, Obama suggested the ban of assault riffles –

This is also exactly 1116 days, or 3 years 20 days after these 2 images I made on 25/5/13. (The image linked here, complete with a Rainbow color theme, even has 111 and 16 in one eye, and 44 in the other – both images are made of assualt rifles, and are available in the “Random Update” post.)”

Added 1st of April – The man whom associated gays with the rainbow, Gilbert Baker (GB), died the day after I made above update. If you count from 26/6 2015, the 177th day of the year, with 188 days left, and the day the Supreme Court legalised gay marriage, or symbolically opened the rainbow bridge, then he died 644 days later (644/2=322) or 176.44% of a year later. This exact same combination also occurred in my Brexit post (Brexit/Grexit – BG). Here’s a quote from that – “Yesterday was 176.44% of a year since “A Money Bloke” from 19/9/14, or 644 days later (644/2=322).” – yesterday refers to the day of the Brexit vote, which led to another market panic the very next day. While on Brexit, Britain officially left EU on March 29th, the 88th day of the year, with 277 days left.

Added 16/12 – vows action against Russia for hacks” It literally feels like people around me are sleepwalking. In any belief-system (such as the religions of atheism and science), if you know your masters to be the best and truest, you will be asleep until the circumstances of their approach slaps your face with fear.

Added following articles January 6th 2017 –

US ‘identifies agents behind Russian hack’

Trump wonders why FBI never requested access to the DNC’s ‘hacked servers’

Added following update and 2 articles April 17th – It seems that Guccifer 2.0 has revealed that the actual leaker was Seth Rich. Seth was murdered in a supposedly failed robbery last year, since nothing was taken from him, other than his life. If we dare to imagine that he was killed by someone whom didn’t appreciate that all this information came forward, then pretty much all of the Americans story falls a apart, and they are railroading the world into a conflict, while convincing the word that it’s trying to protect and serve it.

It is speculated by many, that the leaks came from inside. There are other below this update.

If you also count march 19th 2016, the day of the first podesta mail leak, then Seth was murdered 322 days later.

If we look at it from a symbolic perspective, Set the Egyptian deity was said to have dominated Horus, and so they raced in stone boats, only Horus’ wasn’t really stone, so he won. Everything is just copied out, moved around, and looks different. On the very large scale, it is however just the same story again and again, over decades to millenniums.

Also Rich is Rock, the christ all from which all emanates. It may appear silly, contrived or pointless, but a clear pattern emerges once you become aware of what’s going on. Such as with an abnormal amount of names of important persons, countries and such having B and or G/J in them. And ultimately – this creation is silly, contrived and pointless. But it’s also very enjoyable, especially once you fully understand your motivations and have no issues with honesty to yourself or your surroundings. All barriers eventually disappear as they are discovered and understood. It’s very freeing. It may as mentioned not be for all to have to consider this though.

Added following article February 23rd 2017 – Wikileaks found out who actually tried to get support from the Russians –

Added the following 2 videos January 7th 2017 –

Here Senator Cotton, in a senate hearing about the hacking, picks apart the argumentation used –

Here is the founder of Mcafee (antivirus), refuting the evidence presented by the americans!

Added the following article and video January 5th 2017 –

2 videos added January 11th 2017 – Here James Clapper speaks about the alleged Russian hacks, as well as his opinion on Assange.

In this next clip, Clapper flat out lies about the now known facts about NSA –

Here’s a video from Kerry about the meeting that lead to this article

Of course we are all shaped differently, and some may very well be proudly asleep as they die. It doesn’t matter, all beliefs and approaches to this lead to the same outcome. Take control of this thing called life before the outcome, by losing control, or merely by observing all that you thought was you doing your best to get through this.

Here’s an article with a picture of Kerry and Assad dining with their wives just before the civil war broke out –

Added January 7th 2017 – Leaked audio has Kerry explain what really went on in Syria –

Added December 15th – I cant update on all the media spin going on, but here’s one –

Yet here from December 14th –

Added December 28th –

Not only is Obama and his crew trying to make look Russia look bad, they also stabbed Israel in the back –

A meeting about Israel and Palestine is held without Israel, Palestine or Trump – January 15th – 6 days before Trumps inauguration.

Added 16/12 from yesterday, Sherif Arpaio and his team lays out the case of Obamas forged birth certificate on Fox and ABC, this haven’t received  much mainstream media attention-

Added following November 28th – A couple of months ago, US General Joseph Dunford said, that controlling the airspace over Syria, means going to war with Syria and Russia. A decision he certainly isn’t going to make.

Luckily for Joseph Dunford, on 16/11, someone else began paving the way for that decision –

Of course there is much much more to this, and I could do nothing but keep you updated on the dangerous scene which the world has become, thanks to a few ritualistically insane people. Here’s a small example on the going ons, besides the whole pizzagate thing, in the form of a report from October 7th, also featured in “Evidence of Control” found in the menu to the left, where the US accuses Russia of hacking them –

Added 13th of December – small update on the hacking accusations –

And an update from Mike Dice –

If you want to know more on a small part of pizzagate, check this –

I update the various pages whenever extremely relevant developments become known to me. An overall intro into the concept this blog is trying to convey, with the help of current and coming events, is also coming eventually, so check back from time to time.

Here’s a new update from today –

The Philippines is not yet ready for new military alliances, but in the wake of disagreements with the US, will cooperate with “new friends” Russia and China to make the world a more peaceful place.

Another update I just discovered, also from today –

EUROPE is on the brink of war as Turkey gathers fleets of boats to ship 3,000 migrants a day to Greece in retaliation over the European Union’s (EU) vote to freeze accession talks.

Interestingly today is the 333rd day of the year, with 33 remaining. If you are new to this blog, please read it all to see the numeric patterns and correlations, as well as a very non religious and non computer-simulation attempt at an explanation as to why this is so.

Added November 29th –

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the Turkish Army entered Syria to end the rule of President Bashar Assad, whom he accused of terrorism and causing the deaths of thousands.

Also today the US calls their September 17th airstrike on the pro Syrian army troops a regrettable error –

Shortly after this incident, they accused russia of bombing hospitals, but provided no proof of location when asked –

Here comes the original update –

With a video of Putin answering serious questions.

I recommend reading Evidence of Control found in the menu to the left –

Added November 23rd –

At war with Russia’: EU Parliament approves resolution to counter Russian media ‘propaganda” This is sad and funny, so I guess it’s sunny.

Added November 24th – Small update on the Hillary case –

Added October 31st – DNC chair and former CNN contributor sent debate questions to Hillary before the debates –

Added November 1st, a video of the DNC chair, mentioned above, lying so much that it’s a wonder her ass didn’t come off. What I am trying to expose and show on this blog, is that ALL is a lie. Only all of our silent awareness is truth, all else is energy. Read it all! –

Here’s a October 23rd article with some circumstantial evidence for what at the least must be considered a gigantic conflict of interests. Here’s a short quote from that article “The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use.

If you already read most or all of this blog, or if you want to understand part of what this is about, watch this documentary on numbers (Search for “The Great Math Mystery” if video has been removed) –

This one on the number 9 is also highly recommended, and a little shorter –

Added following video January 12th 2017 – Here is a long show from researcher Michael Tellinger, he basically explains what I try and show with the numeric occurrences, everything is vibration, energy –

Added October 26th – Another speculative video from Matthew Nicholson that, even though it speculates on potential future events, does a very good job of demonstrating the obvious numeric, as well as verbal, connections in countless vaguely or directly related historic events –

Remember to read the full blog, or at least random update and or migrating from facebook, found in the menu to the left. Your mind may tell you that this is bullshit, however, look at the evidence presented, then ask yourself why your apparent mind tries to convince you that this is bullshit. We all THINK that we know whatever religiously indoctrinated beliefs we believe to be correct, but thinking, etc., is made up by the same energy which makes up all. That is a scientific fact.

Awareness is not energy, we are not trapped in virtual reality or some other unprovable philosophical nonsense. The way this energy illusion functions is just similar to how a simulation on a computer functions. Programming something and watching the output. Thoughts and emotions literally are the strings going to the hands up the puppeteer! This is not paranoia, this is based on years of observation of all, slowly waking up to the truth of the personality I was, and seeing my world change into something personally positive.

Here’s an update on the Putin situation, added October 29th –

And a video with an update on world situations, as well as some info on manipulation –

Lastly, in this post, here professional stand-up comedian Barack Hussein Obama tells us how corrupt Hillary Clinton really is –


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