Evidence of control

April 12th 2018 – Fun little coincidence –

February 4th 2004 – PENTAGON KILLS LIFELOG PROJECT – THE PENTAGON CANCELED its so-called LifeLog project, an ambitious effort to build a database tracking a person’s entire existence.”

Facebook Founded – February 4, 2004

Added April 19th 2018 – Fired FBI director Comey admits deep state at play.

May 10th 2018 – Now Assad claims there is a deep state, and so talking to Trump makes no sense, as he does not control the country.

Feb 20/2018 https://twitter.com/KimDotcom is getting interesting to read, here are some quotes “Was #SethRich a Megaupload user?” “I worked in the data security industry for a decade. My hacker team was hired by Fortune 500 companies & governments to find security holes. We had a 100% success record of hacking every single client we ever had. Destroying Megaupload was a bad idea. My friends were very upset.” “Look what happened to the deep state since the destruction of Megaupload. Their secrets leaked, their toys exposed, their credibility in shatters. The more people know about the world’s largest crime syndicate, the 5 Eyes, the better.

March 1st 2018 – Added following update on above –

“Kim Dotcom warns of ‘invisible spy war’ & deep state interference”


Added update on Kim DotCom March 4th 2018 –


Added following documentary on the Bush family January 26th 2018. For more like this, read the rest of this post, and go to “Random Update” –

Added 23rd of January 2018 – What I tried to show from the beginning of this ‘evidence of control’ page over a year ago is becoming very mainstream and very obvious! Of course at this point, most people have been divided even further, and don’t really catch that most, if not all, career officials are rotten to the core. As I couldn’t find other videos of this, you’ll have to do with this body language analyst interrupting with her opinion from time to time –

14/2-18 “Paul Hellyer” real name! suggests that the Illuminati is real, and that the alien deception is coming. Well, to him and many other it won’t really be a deception, but real aliens. For more on that, check bottom of “Thoughts of Thoth


11/2-18 Another small update in the form of Newt Gingrich explaining what’s occurring.

Added Feb 8 2018 – If you want to see just one example of this division, check out this video from yesterday with the prime minister of Hungary. It doesn’t matter what side you identify with, or what you love and hate, as long as you give focus, and identify with any of this, you feed into it.

Added January 10th 2018 – Former FBI Assistant Director believe the Clintons to be a criminal conspiracy –

11/1 2018 – A very nice update to many of the subjects covered here, and in the “Small Update” –

September 4th – Check this before it disappears –

Added March 7th 2018 – Ben Swann seems to be back, here is his latest piece, and yes, the video above is still there, but many others are gone, as a result of youtubes’ agressive attitude towards those who present facts the owners don’t appreciate. HERE is a video documentary documenting oddities about the death of ODB (Rapper Old Dirty Bastard) This is the 3rd upload, and it’s very interesting and highly recommended to watch –

Added November 2nd 2017 – Then check this, and go to the bottom of this page to get some context as to how parts of the upper echelon operates. –

Added November 15th 2017 – A small update on many of the subjects uncovered and documented below –

March 1st 2018 – Small update on the youtube situation, even though they claim the latest batch of takedown is an accidents, more and more relevant and very good information has disappeared as you may notice if you go through all these pages –


Added July 27th 2017 – Youtube is getting ridiculous in its effort to interfere with truth as it pertains to the corruption of the world, so a lot of channels get shut down. (Added August 2nd – Youtuber Mike Dice explains the youtube situation) I do what I can to replace the most interesting videos. But at this point in the story, if you don’t know how the world functions, fuck it, it doesn’t matter! Focus on the fact that it’s all a lie. There is no revenge, there is no organising. There is observation and the understanding that this is all an illusion, that includes body and soul, as well as the thought patterns injected into your perceived mind. Go to the original blog to get the full picture.

Added October 26th, some insight into the release of Sandy Hook and JFK documents, indicating that Adam Lanza and Lee Harvey Oswald, both were in contact with the FBI before they did what we are told that they did –

Added small update to many relevant stories in this video October 24th 2017 –

And it looks like Hillary and Obama are under at least one investigation –

Added September 4th 2017 – Another small piece of evidence of control –

Added July 31st – Quite a good video with some information about the financial world, as well as some sporadic history lessons –

If you have a difficult time believing, and or understanding, that the world is controlled, then look at some of the following videos and articles.

The information presented on this blog is not a joke. If you really don’t want to know what’s going on, don’t read it.

Added August 7th 2017 – A video with some clips and articles going into the fact that all but 2 American Presidents share the common ancestor of King John of England. Born 1166, became King 1199 –

Added article and wiki link ,November 27th 2017 as video has been removed –



Added June 27th – At least one CNN producer believes the Russia/Trump scenario to be fake, but great for ratings. On top of that, 3 CNN reporters quit their job after it came out that their Trump/Russia story was fake, but great for ratings I assume? Who really cares if those ratings will have helped throw the world into a chaos never witnessed by any of those “alive” today. Even though all of this blog describes how to enjoy the wise approach of no ego/thoughts/etc. by observing all, it does feel nice to see how pretty much all my analysis’, or “reading reality”, turns out to be the case later on, as with the Hillary corruption also described on this page, the Trump/Russia/Hacking thing was described here all the way back in October last year, where a report from US first hinted the scenario. That a story, or whatever, manifests in this world, doesn’t mean that it’s right or wrong, and it doesn’t matter if it actually happened, or if it is a fake story – it’s all about directing focus. The joy of success, in this case a successful analysis, is a function of the ego, and the main reason for my sense of joy, is that I had the whole mainstream world against me, and still sort of have that against me, when it comes to the economy and war –


2nd part of video below found in “Update” as that post is mostly about the whole Russia thing.

Trey Gowdy, now chief of the oversight committee, also don’t believe in any collusion –

Here Mr. Gowdy learns that one of the key pieces of evidence for the Russian hacking allegations, was never handed over to law enforcement. These allegations, true or not, have been a joke on the word evidence since the beginning –

Added may 16th – These people are ruthless –

June 6th – Added interview with some investigators into the Seth Rich case –

Added July 15th – Things are getting really obvious all over for those who don’t blind themselves with stubborn belief systems. 2 more Clinton investigators die, this time because of suicide, more on those types of suicide in older updates below article and video –


March 10th 2017 – Documentary on historic media lies, a must watch –

Added following documentary 11th of February 2017 – Highly recommend. Many of those who have a difficult time believing the world to be controlled, and the governments trying to hurt and divide us rather than keep us safe and unified, have a mindset which tells them that someone would have told us if it was so. Many have tried to, but committed suicide before they had a chance. Some of these suicides are described in the video below.

For some reason, the group of doubters also seem to believe that videos on youtube automatically equals false manipulation, even though mainstream media have been caught faking stories over and over, and that The Us Government has had legal propaganda since 2013, if not before that.

As with most else on this blog, what is used to describe the truth of it all, is from real media, with real interviews, and in this case, with the family. –

Added following short documentary February 23rd 2017 – Another piece of evidence of the apparent suicidal minds of good and happy people that just happened to try to warn the world of the corruption they knew of –

Added following piece of evidence of control April 24th. A must watch body language analysis of a dutch man whom tried to climb the top of the ladder, but lost his balance when he was asked to sacrifice kids –

Added this video March 22nd 2017 – Another example of odd deaths, and beatings for asking questions about oddities –

April 18th 2017 – Added another short but great Corbett piece, this time of documented suppression of good information, so that fear mongering could continue, as well as the elites reluctance to use what they wan’t the rest of us to use –

Added April 22nd 2017 – Indication of yet another “Illuminati” sacrifice –

Added small Hernandez update april 28th –

Added October 18th – Be sure to watch the video from this fox news story about a document from the FBI, which implies that Patrick Kennedy approached them for a something for something deal. Be sure to read the rest of this post, as well as the whole blog, to get the full picture.


Here’s a clip with former FBI Assistent Director, James Kallstrom, whom is clearly emotional about the corruption going on in the US –

As mentioned above, all that is presented here is real, searchable and documentable from so called real media and real accepted leaks of information. As mentioned elsewhere throughout this blog, everything seems to be unraveling at an accelerated rate.

Added following video January 27th 2017 – Because of these leaks, there is an ongoing investigation on Hillary and the DNC, as documented throughout this page. Here is an update on that investigation from Mr. Chaffetz, the chairman of the oversight committee.

Here’s a link to a recent article, by a Wall Street Journal reporter, on some of the leaked e-mails –


Here’s an RT article –


Here’s a direct link to an e-mail from Podesta, where he explains that Hillary; and I quote “has begun to hate everyday Americans” –


Here’s another email –


From where the following quote is taken “as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking” – The unawareness does remain strong!

Here’s an RT article with their top 10 of the leaked Podesta mails –


Recently the US government in a report accuses Russia of being behind the Guccifer 2.0 leaks, used in some in these videos.

Here’s the report –


And now, after Biden said the same, Putin is commenting –


Added following 2 articles 23/2-17 – The above mentioned Russian hack grew into a undocumented mainstream media story, as you probably know by now, and as described in my post thrillingly called Update.

Today Wikileaks strikes again, and documents who actually did try and work with the Russians, Mccain. Check my Trump post for a video of him being fooled by Russian hackers –


Here Wall Street Journal writes about Mccains recent secret trip to Syria –


Added following news-clip March 29th 2017 – Those Johns! This time it’s Mr. Podesta who is exposed in receiving large sums of money from russians –

Be sure to check the following video, where The Corbett Report documents how the USA, as well as the mainstream media, backs, and sympathises with, so called moderate rebels whom beheads children! Below that, some short 911 documentaries –

There’s more on Corbetts youtube channel.

Here’s a small physics lesson –

Added following video August 7th 2017 – This one goes into some of the cell phone calls from victims on the hijacked planes –

Here’s a recent article where Giuliani explains how a grand plan, of having 4 alleged Bill Clinton rape victims shake Bills hand, was shut down by the debate commissions co chairman, whom said NO, and threatened to have the 4 women thrown out. The picture of Bills face is priceless in this context –


Added November 30th 2017 – A truly priceless clip with Bill Clinton being called a rapist! –

New link added 24/9 2017 as washingtonpost removed the story –

June 8th 2017 – Added following body language analysis of Dolly Kyle, a lady whom dated Bill(y) Clinton back in the day. I am trying to paint a clear picture here, and whatever helps this picture emerge, I will place in these pages. To me, it honestly doesn’t matter if they are disgusting smelly people, but if they are, and this seems to be the case, as, as they mention in the interview, several sources for a long time have claimed the same, then it just adds to the picture of extremely anti social personas. Some of these people, if not all of them (high level satanists), are obsessed with death in a way where the smells etc., is beautiful to them. So some of the things Dolly, as well as the body language analysis lady expresses, may seem disgusting and painful to “normal people”. On many levels, it really isn’t that much different from suffering under wearing thick makeup when it’s hot, wearing high heels, or enjoying extremely strong chilli – make your own unpleasant analogies. Here comes the video –

Added October 27th 2016 – Hillaries own staff call her nuts, paranoid and crazy. Almost sounds like the controlled medias description of Trump –

Speaking of Trump, here’s a picture of both of them together, having a laugh, at this years Jesuit Dinner. More pictures and info below. For more like this, check the Trump post.


Here’s some background on this dinner –

None of this matters though, only the simplicity of it all matters.

All we see is a reflection of the beauty of reality.

We are reality; awareness.

All else is energy; vibration – occuring in one now.

Awareness is not energy!

Read the blog and understand what’s going on.

Here’s a brief introduction –


I recommend beginning with this post –


Here’s a little extra on what the result of seemingly deliberately failed or endlessly ignorant corruption looks like, in the form of some snippets from the escalating and expensive Hillary E-mail hearings –

There’s many more on the youtube channel hosting these videos –


The IT-guy, Mr. Combetta, who deleted Hillaries E-mails with BleachBit, was granted immunity. When a witness is granted immunity, they are not allowed to plead the 5th.


Mr. Combetta is one of at least two people who were given immunity by the Justice Department as part of the investigation.

The grant of immunity impairs the witness’s right to invoke the Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination as a legal basis for refusing to testify. Per 18 U.S.C. § 6002


Yet he pleaded the 5th –


Added following video May 31st – of Trey Gowdy unveiling some details that expose the leaders, of at least of the U.S, for their sheer audacity, and as with the rule about pleeding the 5th while granted immunity mentioned above, it shows that they vehimently disregard the systems they claim to believe in. The in your face arrogance of these people is almost more mindblowing to me, than the info I present in general. But then I was never part of anything above the lower middle, and totally unaware. So many things are still new to me, as for example the acceptance that our world is this corrupt and that people can act dark on these levels. I mean, they are trying to destroy the world. It’s difficult to believe something like this would or could occur, at least for a naive person such as I have been. So the proof is nice. It’s not right or wrong that the world functions as it does, it’s just how it is in these moments. Here’s the video –




Added the following 16/9 –

This is mostly for advanced readers of this blog, but also serves as an introduction into the patterns uncovered on this blog.

Both Trump and Hillary are 19th generation cousins with  John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster.


John of Gaunt died 3/2 1399. His birthday, march 6th, is the 66th day of a leap year, with 300 days’ left.

Hillary is born October 26th, the 299th day of the year, the 300th in leap a year, with 66 days left.

Trump is born June 14th, the 166th day of a leap year with 200 days left.

Credit goes where credit’s due. This guy introduced me to these numbers in a video today –

Here is a video on the long history of Hillary’s shady career. After that, an old clip with Hillary laughing about the fact that she got a good deal for a pedophile she was defending. I’m sure both Trump and Hillary are friends behind the curtain, Hilary’s long lived shadiness is just easier to document, and the mainstream media already does a great job hating on Trump, so here you can get some smearing of the other side of the corrupt coin!

Added January 8th 2017 – Some research into the shadiness of D J T –

Added following video November 1st, some great research on John Podesta, as well as many other intertwined themes –

Secret friends or real enemies makes no real difference at this point, the world they help create is heating up, and they appear to have stirred up Trump to the point where he makes the same claims about the corruption of the establishment as I do on this blog –

As for the accusations against Trump, here’s another video –

Added April 26th – Body Language analysis of lady in video above –

Added October 8th – An image I made with a lady behind barres, called “Refiner Ops“, was posted 1233 days, or 176 weeks before wikileaks released her the apparent ultimate blow, or at least this was the leak that seem to have damaged and exposed her the most. At the same time, Trump, featured in my “Clown Rising” image found elsewhere on this blog, has suffered some public relation damage in the form of a leaked recording of him being verbally chauvinistic.



To further strengthen the odd numeric connections, described on this blog in “Migrating From Facebook” (original facebook post here – https://www.facebook.com/al.r3v3s/posts/10153977651562558 look in the comments for numbers, as I wanted to leave to post unedited. All posts, both here and on facebook, have also been web-archieved, so that whoever reads this can see, that I did not make this up retrospectively), between the “Clown Rising” image and Trumps career, then if you count the day i put up the “CR” image, the recording of him released October 7th, was 3 years 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days later, or 1210 days since. 1210 is pretty significant, as is 322. As well as variants thereof. There’s more 322 and other interesting numeric connections to be discovered in the post on trump in the migrating for facebook link out to the left. And all over this blog, there are more numeric correlations between various themed incidences in one end and the other, in my images, as well as in entertainment and current events.

Added October 26th – 1222 days, or 3 y 3 m 4 w 4 d after “Clown Rising”, Trump stole some headlines at the Annual Al Smith “Jesuit” dinner –


Added November 9th – Hillary lost 1266 days after “Refiner Ops” image. Trump won 1242 days after “Clown Rising” image, or 177 weeks. (If you count the day I uploaded the image, 16/6-2013; Trumps inauguration, 21/1-2017, is 188 weeks later – on top of that, Mr. Trump presents himself as Donald J. Trump, which is 888 in english gematria) As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, 12 is completion, full circle, 42 is the angle needed to view a rainbow. Another numeric fun fact concerning Trump is that if you add 70 years, 7 months and 7 days to his birthday of 14/6 1946, you land on the first day of his official presidency.

Added February 10th 2017 – 1333 days after “Clown Rising” Trump encourages Police to turn in their corrupt colleagues. This is bad news for the old regime! Without corrupt officials, who will cover up their crimes? Article below –


Added following RT article 13th of October, the day after 1210 or 1012 if you are in US, HSBC (Bank) issues a “red alert” for a stock market crash. Most of the numeric connections with my pictures throughout this blog, are the ones with an economic theme –


This is also 1 year 9 months and 9 days since my picture made of currency symbols and flags, and 755 days after my “A Money Bloke” picture and 107 weeks and 6 days – 176. Both of these images have had many connected numeric occurrences with wild economic news. For example, “A Money Bloke” was also posted 333 days before china lost 6% on its markets, sparking a 888 Dow Jones drop. “AMB” was also posted 777 days before Egypt devalued their currency with 48%. See both pictures as well as more numbers and links to mainstream news covering the events by clicking Brexit in the menu to the left.

Added following Friday, January 13th 2017 – New developments in the Hillary E-mail case. 1331 days after my “Refiner Ops” image, or 190 weeks and 1 day – 911. Surely at this point, a pattern of numbers and themes must begin to occur to you. None the the less, following is a few links on the Hillary thing. Be sure to read the rest of this blog to find all the symmetrical numeric correlations between images I made with certain themes, and these themes occurring in the world, and come to understand the simplicity of it all if you so choose –




Added May 6th – A pretty big development on the Hillary case. 3 years 11 monts 11 days after “Refiner Ops” image. Comey testified the day before – 1441 days after the image.

If you want to understand why these numbers could have significance, then read this simple explanation of how numbers behave –


Here’s a slightly updated version –


If you need further proof of the control flowing from secret societies, check out this snippet of an interview with Newt Gingridge, where he mansplains why the establishment fears Trump –

Added following video 9th of March 2017 – Trump is the president now, and Gingrich has this to say –

Then check this short clip where Kerry and Bush Jr. evade questions about running against each other, yet being part of the same secret club, with it’s not so secret 322 number –

Added following video 9th of March 2017 – It looks like Trump really is trying to drain the swamp.

Added following video and link April 24th – Look Like Chaffetz for whatever reason really wants to stop pursuing truth, and instead focus on his family –

John Podesta, does not believe it’s about his family though. I hope I don’t have to tell you what’s going on? –

Added April 28th – Now Chaffetz will be missing some weeks because of a foot injury –


Lastly, french politician Julien Rochedy comes with a claim of insider knowlegde about the syrian crisis –

Added 17/12 – As some more evidence of control, see part of this 60 minutes investigation into politicians and even a former chief of MI6 being members of pedofile gangs –

Here’s another recent one – added December 31st 2016 – made from old news clips about the same problem with the same corrupt counter tactics –

Small #pizzagate update added 22nd of February –

Heres from James Woods’ twitter –

Put more walnut sauce on your #pizza and shut up, #Skippy. You’re lucky you’re not in jail yet. I stress “yet…”


Here from Lynn de Rothschilds twitter(The same private individual whom Hillary eagerly shared secret information with, and almost asked for guidance) See that e-mail here https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/1606 –

Put this into context of this announcement from James O’Keefe –

And this video featuring Ashton Kutcher –

Added February 28th – A documentary on Marc Dutroux, a Belgian whom supposedly took orders for kids from the elite, and both stole, raped and killed kids. For more info and witness accounts such as this, check Random Update.

March 1st – Added some various articles also touching on freemasons/elitist whom seem to favour a sadistic approach to kids –





Added another one April 14th –


Added following news clip June 10th, as it shows how odd the world has become, if you remember longer than 16 years back –

Added following video march 26th –

Added following video 12th of April, still on the satanic kidnapping subject, as we just had a few sacrificial satanic holidays, and some coming up –

March 10th 2017 – Added following video, and a tweet from Obamas  brother –

There’s more on that matter in “Update” in the form of a video from a press conference from a sherif who spend some years investigating the birth certificate that was put on whitehouse.gov after the debate of Obamas birthplace was a story some years ago.

Added following interview March 19th, where comedian Tim Allen jokes about the opinion bullying going on in Hollywood. Holly wood, the wood used to make a magic wand –

Added March 27th – Above clip sparked some debates, here’s some clips from some of those –

Added March 30th – While on the subject of Holly Wood with its magick and manipulation, have a look at the following video, with plenty of examples of celebrities expressing how they gave up their sole to satan, in return for money, fame and creativity. I’m not suggesting all creative people signed over their sole to satan, but some people who have no real passion, may need some magick help, to let things flow, as many of them admit. There are more examples as this, try to do a search for Beyonce Sasha Fierce –

Also added 30/3 – Another great documentary by Corbett, this time on David Rockefeller, as he was quite an influential individual, from a historically manipulative and corrupt family. He died at the age of 101 (the room from the Matrix Movie) at 22nd of March (322/223)

Added September 2nd 2017 – Another great piece of evidence of control –

Added 3rd of September 2017 – Just a great low-down of how the world has developed since Kennedy and 911 –

Added October 31st 2017 – Check following video, then check following link –


Added May 11th 2018 – Small documentary on Monark Programming –


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