Rock Tree & EMP Daylight

Added July 18th 2017, a very good explanation of how all functions. Yes, many things aren’t true, this includes many aspects of science, here’s someone who understands and demonstrates the simplicity of this 3 dimensional holographic field of energy and information  –

Added 3rd of February 2018 – A video titled “Magnetism & Light. Conjugate reality of cosmic mechanics” with guy from above, in case you want more from him.

With so much happening in the world right now, that it can be hard to see the forest for the trees, and since it’s been one year since I did my first facebook post; I decided to make an update featuring trees, mountains and light.

If you comprehend what is presented, it becomes easier to understand what I am presenting in general on this blog, as well as what is presented at the original blog, which have been describing world events, as well as the simplicity of it all, since 2006.

As mentioned elsewhere, I began reading the original blog in late 2011, and much has happened since that point. As also mentioned elsewhere on this blog, a lot of truths come out at this point in time. More connections are made by different people, many of them religious.

And as again also mentioned elsewhere, everything is a religious belief system. Ultimately and unknowingly to the vast majority of us, to a large extent, what we really believe on a subconscious level, eventually manifests around us as well as inside us.

So, here I present something very bizarre, especially if you don’t have a mind open enough to recognise that something could be likely, even though you since childhood pretty much knew something different –

Here’s a cross section of a redwood stem:


Here’s some normal and some petrified redwood:


Here’s the site from where I got the image of the petrified redwood.

Here’s the so called Devils Tower in Nevada:


Here’s a close-up:


The best explanation that scientists have come up with is that this is lava.

Here’s an article on how oxygen can affect the size of life.

If you are now into the idea of petrified and fossilised organisms, then check out this crazy guy. If you are in a hurry to get the information presented, then I recommend youtubes ability to play videos at double speed  –

Added following video February 9th 2017 – As Mudfossils abandoned his youtube channel, and made a new one, here’s a video from that –

This is an endless rabbit-hole for the curious, and a world full of nut jobs for most of us, appreciate the ultimate simplicity of it all.

Added Following video June 7th – Here the guy from above, suggests that the “Tree” from above, is actually a giant bone. The key here is, that we aren’t being told the truth about a lot of things. But track with history, religions and science, a very clear picture emerges, nothing really exists, other than our awareness, as we do perceive this, that really isn’t there!

Added following video February 10th 2017 – The following text is highly speculative and not recommended if you are new to this. If the info in this video is true, then it explains everything, at least it acts as part of the last pieces of this puzzle. Basically this guy has found physical traits in all rocks, and giant physical traits in some rocks, and mountains. Then he compares these finds to some info on giants and the story of how someone was thrown from heaven, thus creating earth, from the book of Enoch. If someone who tries to understand the information presented on this blog has trouble connecting the dots in relation to this, feel free to e-mail me, or post a question, and I will do my best to elaborate. It’s all a story, nothing is real, there is no god, and this is a very good thing!  –

May 18th – Added following indication of giants building some of the structures that we currently can not explain –

Added October 17th 2017 – Yet another indication of fossilised giant organisms –

Added July 13th 2017 – A video about light, before the original post about light below –

And finally; a thesis about light. Check out the following video. I hope you can get over the flat earth title.

If you are curious about the flat stationary earth vs. a free flowing sphere, check out the following video added April 22nd 2017. Personally I have no idea, and it matters very little! Since this is an energy dream, it may have been a different shape before, and something completely different in “the future”, which is still right now. –

Turn of the sound, and see what’s presented. If you are in a hurry, the preview image from the video should be enough.

Lightning lights up a whole portion of the valley, as if it was daylight, blue sky and all. So one could wonder if perhaps it is the electro magnetism from the sun that is responsible for the way the daylight travels, as well as the blue sky.

Kind of like a lightbulb with gas inside which reacts with the electricity.

Now check out this explanation on what light and shadow is, from a guy featured here a couple of times. An expert in several themes. Some of those being magnetism and field theory, as well as various types of knowledge of and from ancient Greece.

If you are new to this blog, I made a brief introduction of the overall concept presented; here –

Or begin with all my facebook posts –

Or this overall explanation of what all is –

Here’s some extra material added august 31st –

A video from the man above, here explaining how fractals appear in pythagorean math.

Here’s a video showing the schlieren effect, an effect that seems to visually document that we live in a less dense form of liquid. Think of the resistance you feel in water, and think of wind resistance.

Added following October 2nd 2017 – A detailed and good video with this effect –

Here’s some different pictures of the schlieren effect, in the form of human exhaled airflows –

Here’s a video of platinum particles at an atomic scale –

Here’s 2 pictures of atoms, borrowed from the 2 links below –



And here are some images of sound waves –


Borrowed from article below –

Here’s some sound-vibrated water –

And some sound-vibrated sand –

The point I’m trying to make is that all is vibration, all is waves, all is energy.

Awareness isn’t energy!

Added following video September 5th 2017, of sound and vibration in ancient India –

Added following search recommendations March 20th 2017 – Do a picture search for “cymatics” (water or sand vibration at different Hertz) Then do a youtube search for “Lichtenberg Machine” (electricity creating natural formations)

Added following video 24th of February 2017 – Mercury being vibrated on a speaker at different Hertz –

Lastly some very interesting ramblings on our scientific understanding and the ones who we view as experts, and thus don’t really question to the extend that we ought to.

Added following video December 8th – Just to show that he knows what he’s talking about.

Science caught up to one of his discoveries, link to article below video –

“Superconducting bismuth is real, and it’s forcing us to rethink the nature of superconductivityA Nobel Prize-winning theory has been challenged”

Added the following 3 videos 3rd of September.

Various discussions on semantics, definitions and examples of how people can have an extremely difficult time looking/realising outside of their small boxes of perceived perception, plus some rhetorical evidence of all being an illusion, in the last video –

Added January 31rd 2018 – For anyone who made it all the way down here, I present a theory about dragons, giant fish and the placement of Atlantis, as well as the faith of all of these mythological animals and places –

3/2 2018 – Updated video here –

Added March 25th 2018 – Same person as in the 2 videos above, this time on the crystal skulls, and below that, on aether, light and particles –


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