Small dollar update added 1st of march 2018 –

Added November 28th 2017 – 1166 days after “A Money Bloke” mentioned mentioned below, bit coin reaches 10.000 $

Added June 27th – 10 months and 12 days, and 144 weeks and 4 days, after “A Money Bloke” – featured numerous times on this page relating to big financial news – following stories hit mainstream media (10x10x10x12x12 = 144,000 – Here are links to the original blogs description of these numbers 1012/144). Besides matching numerically with my images, the stories came out the day after 26/6, the 177th day of the year with 188 days left.

Added following link July 2nd –

Added following link July 4th –

Yesterday June 24th (2016) was the 176th (176/2=88 – 88/2=44) day of this leap-year, and the day we got the result of the Brexit vote. Remember Grexit? From a suggestive perspective the masonic B&G/J pillars of sacrifice are at play again. The Brexit vote was held 11 months 18 days after the Grexit vote. 11 and 9+9. We got the result 11 months 19 days later, 1119.

Added June 9th 2017 – A new election was held yesterday, and again Brexit is in the news, 11 months 16 days since above mentioned election. For more Brexit news and numbers, look towards the bottom of this page, or better, read it all. Original post continues after article –

The british decision led to another market panic, which cost investors the single largest loss ever in one day. It also pressed the pound so much that Brits vacationing in Greece couldn’t exchange their pounds or withdraw money.

This was also exactly 44 weeks after the dow dropped 888 points over 2 days, on the 20th and 21st of august last year.

And exactly 7 years 7 months 7 weeks and 7 days after September 29th 2008, where the Dow lost 777 points, and S&P fell 8,8%.

Looking at the images I made revolving around this subject, again we see some interesting numbers fitting into the rest of the picture.

Yesterday was 176.44% of a year since “A Money Bloke” from 19/9/14, or 644 days later (644/2=322). This image was also posted 333 days before 18/8 2015, where China lost 6% on its markets, and began the western panic which led to the 888 Dow drop.

Added November 4th -Yesterday, November 3rd, Egypt devalued their currency by 48%

If you count the day I uploaded “A Money Bloke” This devaluation happened 777 days later.

And today, Dow Jones landed on 17.888

Added following 22nd of November – The day that the Dow passed 19000 –

This is also 2 years, 2 months and 3 days (223) after “A Money Bloke”, featured right below these phrases. And 688 days after the image below that – “A thousand lies become the light of a whirled world.”

Added January 27th 2017 – January 25th, the Dow passed 20.000, and 2 years 4 monts and 6 days since the picture below was uploaded (19,20 – 2, 4, 6) –


Added 27/1 – If you add the day the image mentioned below was uploaded, then this was put online 2 years 22 days before the day the Dow passed 20000.

Added following article 1st of March 2017 – Dow Breaks 21000, 18.888 hours after upload of image “A thousand lies become the light of a whirled world” below –

Yesterday (June 24th) was also 12.888 hours since “A thousand lies become the light of a whirled world.” from 4th of January 2015. This image, composed of the American, European Union and Japanese flags, as well as the symbols for the dollar, euro and yen, also had previous numeric connections to its own theme, the world economy. –

“On the 232nd day of 2015, the dow began to fall. On the 233rd day, it had fallen 888 in total for those 2 days. 232 days after I made the image, the western markets experienced what the media referred to as “black monday”. 233 days after January 4th 2015, the dow lands on 15.666.44.”

A year to the date of this image, January 4th 2016, the Chinese markets fell 7%, closing trading for the first time ever.

It was also exactly 1 year 11 days (111) after this image, that the US markets fell 2%, with both Dow, S&P and Nasdaq landing on numbers containing 88.

Added Friday, January 13th 2017 – 17760 hours since I put up the image below, (as mentioned – 1776/2 888, and the founding year of USA, and the height of the freedom tower) 2 big financial stories hit the world.

For more numeric correlations also from today, about Hillary, head over to “Evidence of Control” and do a page search for “Friday, January 13th”. There are many more symmetrical numbers surrounding Trump and Hillary right above that as well.

Read the rest of my posts for many more examples from my own artwork, as well as more examples from world events and entertainment. And get to understand the very simple truth of it all.

Added the following September 10th (2016) –

Yesterday, 9/9, pretty much all western markets fell over 1%, over 2% for the U.S. markets. This was exactly 77 days after the post Brexit market panic described in the top of this post, and exactly 7 years 11 months 11 days after the dow lost 777 points.

9/9 2016 was also exactly 55 weeks since the beginning of the 888 dow drop, and 1 year 19 days after the end of the 888 dow drop, occurring over the 232nd and 233rd day of last year.

And 388 days or 1 year 22 days since the Shanghai Index lost 6% on 18/8, sparking the 888 dow drop.

It was also 161 days since the Shanghai Index lost 7% this year, which sparked the over 2% loss in the U.S. markets with the dow, s&p and nasdaq all landing on numbers containing 88.

I started out on facebook, and collected all the posts on one long wordpress post. One of the original posts, included in the long post above, goes into detail with numbers, it is highly recommended, and is found here –

I can also recommend starting with this long post which attempts to convey the overall concept –

Small numeric Brexit update added November 3rd –

133 days, or 4 months 11 days, or 19 weeks after the June 23rd vote was held, the brits are basically told that their government can block them exiting.

Added following article 1st of February 2017 – Today, 223 (322 mirrored) days after the June 23rd vote was held, the british parliament allows the Brits to leave the EU –

Added following update March 30th 2017. On the 88th day of the year, with 277 days left, Britain officially leaves the EU. As mentioned in videos from Matthew Nicholson, Saturns orbital speed is 9,69 km/h. Above the masonic arch, we find the number 69, there is whole segment on this in “Migrating From Facebook” So they like to use this number for their attempts at manipulating reality. Yesterday, was also 9 months 6 days since the Brexit vote, and 6696 hours since. In case anyone is wondering what this is all about, it’s about division, dividing us, in order to create chaos and confusion, from which they can conjure a new world order. There will be an economic collapse, there will be widespread wars and devastating previously unseen earthquakes will occur. This is what we have been increasingly fed, and therefore what will occur. On an individual level, we can set ourselves free, by awakening to reality, which then takes over that part of the dream. It’s all a story occurring in one now! There is nothing to worry about, all is fine, only the energy can manipulate you into a tough spot! You are energy, awareness is not!

Read the rest of this blog to see how consistant and not random these numeric occurrences are, as well as getting insight into how simple all is. Set yourself free on all levels!

Added following video June 6th – Now “mainstream news” is reporting on some of the problems with the economic systems –

Added May 18th – A very good video supporting part of above statement about an economic collapse –

Added following video June 13th 2017 – The whole video is good, but it’s linked to the most interesting part –

Added following article June 8th 2017 –

Also added May 18th, a christians take on where we are. And something I did not know about Rome, apparently they are flooded with trash and rats –


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