Random update

This is what ancient greeks had to say about believes, thoughts and convictions –

This is how people react when they find out that they aren’t who they believed they were.

The video right above is an advertisement. The fun part is peoples’ reactions, and blind belief in what they are told.

Genes control most of what we appear to be. But the actual awareness perceives it all. Once you get over your self, you know what to do by acting on the need of each moment, whenever one of those needy moments presents themselves. Not by trying to plan or think your way to a certain point, which simply isn’t. Neither by acting on fear or any other thought or emotion once a moment arrives. Why plan when you can act.

What is this really, how does it work? It works a lot like a simulation, one could say that the awareness part is the processer, all the rest is merely software. Of course our awareness is not some physical processing unit, it’s everything at once and nothing at all, it just is. And you do reconnect more and more the more you observe and discover.

Here’s a popular scientist whom argues that there is a creative force, and in a video further down the article, describes how everything is math based physics.


Added following article January 22nd 2017 – http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/756870/proof-of-god-kurt-godel

Added following article January 31st 2017 –


Here Bank of America in a report mentions the likelihood of all of this being a simulation –


There are plenty of scientist who make the argument for this being a hologram, a simulation or both.


“Moderator Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the museum’s Hayden Planetarium, put the odds at 50-50 that our entire existence is a program on someone else’s hard drive. “I think the likelihood may be very high,” he said.”

Here’s an article added October 4th 2016 –


Here’s an article added March 2nd 2017, where The New Yorker speculates on the subject –


Here’s a video with one of Alex Jones’ angry minions ranting about all the “simulated reality” argumentation that is on the rise with scientists and tech-people these years.

Here’s an article from 16/9 added 17/9 –


“Consciousness isn’t something scientists like to talk about much. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, and despite the best efforts of certain researchers, you can’t quantify it. And in science, if you can’t measure something, you’re going to have a tough time explaining it.”

Added following article March 9th 2017 – Wether or not the various articles are true or not, the suggestion is there, and the suggestion always has to lean up against what is, what was, or what is to come. It has to repeat. Repeating the same basic patterns of symbols and stories, on a large and small scale.

As Mr. Wheeler from the video in the top proclaims in many of his other videos, even quantum mechanics, atomism and such are false. And all is nothing but a field, a magnetic field. And light is nothing but a wave, no wave – no light. I’m putting his latest video on the subject before the article. There’s another good video of his in the comment section of Trump.


Consciousness/awareness, or the actual free will, is always a hard one to explain. But it’s all very simple, we are who we have been trained to become in here, and thus believe that we are. Our actual awareness has nothing to do with this, so as we slowly observe it all, and thus understand ourselves and everything around us at an, over the apparent years, ever increasing rate, we recognise and reconnect to the state we were mentally in when we entered, our original state of awareness/consciousness. Only with all the knowledge and skills we already have, as well as the gained insight in our own persona and situation.

When you observe anything over time, you get to know it very well. Eventually you become free to thrive with what brings the core of your person joy. Everything is a learned skill, and you can learn whatever you really want to or which is useful to you. Whatever gives you positive energy, and isn’t driven by emotions or egoistic fantasies, because then you are able to be steered, and you listen to something which doesn’t really exist. On top of that, it only has one purpose, and that is to control this one awareness, so that it may pose as a God, yet it really isn’t anything but a philosophical cosmic fart that we keep smelling.

I’m not suggesting you quit your job, live like a hippie, or try to become a pop star. Simply observe yourself and all of it when you feel comfortable with such a concept. It’s still real in here, but it becomes helpful to understand and learn that it’s probably not real at all.

Make up your own mind with this intro I’ve made containing all of my facebook posts in one long read. See if you agree that some of the numeric patterns, with their connections to themes in both ends, are a little incredible, especially when you take the frequency of these occurrences into consideration.


Here’s a new study on how our genes store and generate the information of the matter they become.


Added following article January 24th 2017 – It’s just like code –


Added following article March 11th 2017 – And atoms can be used for storing code –


Added another video on how numbers control our apparent reality –

Added the following 3 videos September 7th –

If you don’t trust anything but mainstream media, check out the video right below, where Newt Gingrich explains why the establishment fears Donald Trump.

The 2nd video in this small update, is a Us Marine exposing some of Hillarys lies, with plenty of mainstream media examples.

Here’s a compilation of Hillary lying about everything –

Be sure to remember that I describe and document the obvious, that ALL is a massive vibrating lie! Awareness is not vibration, it is nothing. The word “nothing” only implies that it’s less than something/vibration. Reality is not what we think!

Here’s a small random oddity, 2 of the greatest fighters of their time, in each of their arena died, within 3 days of each other.

Kimbo slice was born in 74, he was 42 when he died on 6/6/16

Muhammad Ali was born in 42, and 74 years old when he died on the 3rd of june.

Muhammad Ali died 3 days before the Ramadan began.

I LA, and Muhammad. According to Islam, Muhammad (not the deceased boxer) was the last messenger and prophet sent by god, as well as the receiver of the words in the Quran.

7+4 is 11 (death) and 4+2 is 6 (the sacrificer) or 911 if upside down. As mentioned in another post, 42 is also the angle needed to view a rainbow.

Muhammad is 444 in English gematria


And 74 in simple gematria.

For a disturbing view into the doings of satanic cults often with very rich people in them, watch this interview from an old episode of 60 minutes.

April 26th – Added body language analysis of girl above, as well as other escaped victims –

Any notion of revenge, fear or sadness may appear real, but it’s only meant to control, and it is not real.

Added following video March 2nd 2017 – Judge for yourself –

Added this Tom Brady clip with his son 3rd of February 2018. It seems to be open season on the depraved aspects of the elite –

Added following video December 27th 2016 Many similar cases all over the world described by various media and lawsuits –

Added the following 4 videos July 21st.

Here’s another video which comes with some examples of how these secret groups help each other cover up the abuse and murder of children.

And a video with Dr. Ben Carson, whom used to run for president this year. Here he explains how Hillary is connected to Satanism.

Added another video documenting various articles and high profile witness accounts January 24th 2018 –

Here rapper KRS ONE gives some rare, from that perspective, insight into the history of freemasonry.

If you should be curious, or have a hard time believing the claimed doings and reach of Satanists, watch this witness to a “VIP” sacrificial ritual. It’s a little easier to read her honest emotions, where as the abused girl in the video further up, seems to not really be there anymore. Although if you have any empathy and know how to read people, you should also be able to see the pain in her.

Added following video July 2nd 2017 – Where the woman above has her body language analysed, as well as other victims of abuse –

Added the following video September 10th –

March 2nd 2017 – Added following interview with “Son of Sam”He claims he wasn’t alone, and that he was part of a satanic cult 2 of he’s supposed culprits were brutally murdered following his arrest –

He is now a christian “The Son of Hope” –


Added the following June 14th 2016 –

Here’s some examples of members of the freemasons covering up both pedophilia and other heinous acts.



Here’s former child actor Corey Feldman explaining how Hollywood power abuses kids.


Here Elijah Wood backs up the claim –


Added following article January 20th 2017 – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4136536/Former-child-sex-slave-sold-Belgian-recalls-abuse.html

A former child sex slave sold into a Belgian aristocratic paedophile ring where boys and girls were raped, tortured and murdered has revealed the horrors of her five years of abuse

Added following article 8th of February 2017 –


1 more added February 21st –


Here’s 2 more articles on the sick perverts and insecure losers that make up the freemasons –



For more on the pedophilia of the elite, and the slow mainstream unraveling which began months after I made this post, check “Evidence of Control

Not only are most of the people with any serious power members of the satanic religion that is the freemasons, or esoteric branches thereof like skull and bones, many of them are also related to King John of England.


Prince Charles claims to be a descendant of Vlad the impaler –


And apparently most of the men in the western world are related to Tutankhamun, who became a Pharaoh on the curious date 1333 B.C.


Added June 6th 2017 – http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/ancient-egyptians-were-more-european-10530527

Added following article January 26th 2017 – Donald Trump is related to the Danish Queen – http://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/culture_and_living/2017/01/24/donald_trump_is_related_to_most_icelanders_and_dani/

Be sure to check Evidence of Control, also found in the menu to the left, to see how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are related by blood as well.

Here’s a video with a journalist, who soon after lost his life, asking Bush and Kerry about conflict of interest because of their membership with the secretive Skull and Bones, and their worshipped number 322.

In more recent suggestive events, we have 3 versions of Noahs Ark being build by the same man. The smallest one got wrecked by the Norwegian coast guard.


Then right after the evening of true Pentacost, or Shavuot, at the end of the Bilderberg meeting, and 11 months 16 days after the rainbow bridge was opened by the Supreme court on 26/6/15, we are again reminded of the Rainbow with the shooting at a gay club called Pulse. The attacker was born the 16th of the 11th month.

Today the 14th of june, Obama suggested the ban of assault riffles –


This is also exactly 1116 days, or 3 years 20 days after these 2 images I made on 25/5/13.

As for the titles, I have no opinions anymore, and I possess no weapons of any kind. But I did at the time disapprove of the “elites” overall plan, which I was beginning to understand, as I saw it unfold.

Here’s a great summarisation of these last weeks happenings, by a financial expert, who presumably also have become christian. The fun thing about the christians is that even though they roughly believe the same, their believes are so varied, it sometimes seems they are worshipping 2 different things that look the same. This is an overall problem with all believes. This is by design, and it is discoverable if you allow yourself to observe, rather than keep listening to the inner and outer stories!

To make it all very clear, it seems we are fed a story through all of our surroundings, but most importantly through media and entertainment. “Everything” we focus on, consiously or subconsciously, in masses or on an individual basis, eventually manifests. It happens through the workings of kabbalism, which was inspired by the Emerald Tablets, which is directly from Thoth, thought.

As described elsewhere on this blog, Kabbalism works through numbers, symbolism and active (but not necessarily informed) participation from a group, in order do manipulate energy, via this original awareness.

Here’s a very good example off the blog from where I got the inspiration –

“The United States of America currency replaced the Gold Standard in international money markets. This had to be done to bring about a massive sigil magic voodoo / miracle style event. This event was the World Trade Centre attack of 2001. The money issued with all the sigil magic markers and subliminal suggestions were created for the 2001 Series and came into circulation in late 2000. The combined energy hype from the Y2K fiasco had already placed the population of the industrialized world in a hypnotic trance which was deep enough to react to, and be manipulated by, the sigil symbolism and suggestion in the 2001 Series of Bills. Follow closely and consider all the implications that show that the United States administration, since the foundation of the USA as a country, formulated this sigil magic show through the Freemasonic leaders, religious, political and financial, who learn the methods of spiritism, miracles, voodoo and magic, which form the basis of manipulating matter one molecule at a time. This is called KABBALISM. This is called MAGIC. This is called HYPNOSIS.”


Here’s a link to a picture of the mentioned notes –

Folded Sigil Magic Money

911 money sigil

Everything we aren’t fed, our powerfull subconsious reasoning makes up as this goes along. On an individual thought and emotion-driven basis, and on a universal level.

As mentioned many times, read all of the blog posts to see the numeric evidence discovered.

There are many many more examples and answers on the blog from where I got the inspiration.

Most likely you will find a lot of answers yourself.

Have fun figuring out what reality really is.

Here’s a few more videos that just came out, they back up some of my claims about freemasons, and analyse and show how information is fed to us in manipulative ways.

I followed most of these financial experts and christians for many years, and vouch for their ability to spot, document and explain many of these patterns, which most of them over the time have become convinced is proof of the christian God. Some of these people were nothing but experts in economy, or overall “truth seekers”, which then turned to Christianity. These are not naive or stupid people, all of this is just a very convincing story, just as you, the reader, is convinced of your own story, if you believe it to be real, and thus miss the simplicity and overall similar likeness of it all.

Very apropos, today june 23rd, some days after above and below writings, SGT-report, who primarily focus on financial news, has an interview with a former atheist, whom explains the factual flaws and errors with and in Darwins theory of evolution. Of course GOD isn’t real! We created something by accident, focused on it, and it took control over part of what we always were, came from, returns to, and always will be. Reality is not religion, it is not a belief, it is no thing and everything, and it was and is always there before any of this!

Many of these videos will most likely be tedious and upsetting in some form if you are new to this blog, if so, as stated in the middle of this post, I recommend reading all the numeric examples from facebook in this following post –


This following guys story almost mimics mine, in the discovering and slow acceptance of something very insane. God helped him, reality helped me. Not by speaking to me, but merely by letting me know with no words or feelings what to do whenever a relevant moment arrived, even if inner dialogue and emotion demanded something different.

As always, do your own research and discernment, and try to focus upon the fact that its all meant to manipulate –

Here’s a lady who discovered that various events correlated numerically with events hinted at in the bible. She has done quite a work. Here she details a 40 day pattern between events, as well as other oddities.

Below are 2 videos from the guy in the beginning of this post, showing of his model of magnetism, as well as the ancients fascination with vibration. And since this is an electrical universe, he has to the best of my knowledge and acceptance, discovered how everything functions on the more “real in here” level.

Speaking of “real in here” check this short video added 7/7, it shows how it would even be possible that a few control the most.

It’s all electromagnetically “bend light” powered by vibrating this one now. Every thought from Thoth has a word, every word has a sound, every sound is vibration, vibration is energy, energy glows, glowing is light.

Below those 2 videos is an interesting video with a former U.S. Military Contractor, detailing a small part of the problem with the corrupt incompetence that seems to plague the world.

I decided to add a little more for those who bothered reading to the end, and to those who start with the bottom.

Love is an interesting concept, it’s yet another of our varied emotions, just as we have physical sensations. Some feel nice to some, some feel horrible to others.

A lot of new agers, christians and people in general, love the concept of love. But what is love really? Another word, even though this is beginning to read as an empty cliché, it is important to understand, that all of us understand words differently, and situations for that matter. We put different emotions and understandings into them.

Love is blind and it can blind, just as fear can be blind and blind in an opposite way, or put another way, both are blind to different aspects of this. Physically and mentally blind. So it can become a problem, not only living in fear, but also living in love. What you really enjoy behind all the layers of deceit could become what makes this an enjoyable experience on all levels.

Since everything seems to function by simple philosophical principles, such as the philosophical as well as physical aspect of this being math based electro-magnetism, why not connect beyond any perceived and believed social status, with like minded people. In a sense, this is just a rainbow bend into form, almost like the screen you are reading this from. So instead of trying to love everybody, why not go for people who share your passions, and what you truly enjoy, not who or what you believe you have to befriend or enjoy based on empty social/religious principals.

Here’s what the ancient greeks had to say about love, of which they had several kinds.


Here’s 2 videos added September 9th, first one has some info on the manipulative story of the naive childish version of love people are being manipulated into adoring, blindly seeking/following and believing as the only real element of true value these times.

Below that a video compiled of apparent Demonic attacks, reported from various versions of everyones beloved source of information, the mainstream media –

As mentioned, everything is electrical, as all is energy, and it all functions differently than what we have been told. There are ”truths” all over, but ultimately, there is only one truth. Don’t take my word for it, open your mind, read all of this, watch the recommended videos, especially on the number 9, read the original blog and do your own research when personally needed.

If you don’t want to know, you don’t have to, it doesn’t matter.

For some more researcheble truth that in some form backs up what I try and convey here, check out this video. It’s crazy how many truth’s come out at this point, and how blatant the symbolism have become even in mainstream society. Even though none of these themes may matter to you, they do to a lot of people, who then feed energy into that part, just as we all do, also on an subcontious level. This believe in all of this makes it appear as this energy wants it to appear. But remember, only because we believe it.

Since this post in part turned out to be a video page, I have one last recommendation. This is a documentary questioning Darwins theory of evolution, as well as showing what this largely unscientific thesis has resulted in from an cultural perspective.

As mentioned before on this blog, many of the things we are told, and thus believe in, about this world, are nothing but thesis’ which were very often challenged by different thesis’ of the time, thesis’ which were, and are, ridiculed and buried.

Here’s a link to Darwins book.


Here’s a quote from that book –

“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

Added following lecture on species March 9th 2018 –

Added the following video September 7th –

It’s a basic story repeating in one now. There are no extra terrestrials, they are the same terrestrials whom posed as many different things. Black and white, good and evil, gods and demons. Watch the show Ancient Aliens season 11 episodes 13, 14 and 15. Why would many different types of Aliens from space visit the same planet over and over throughout civilisations, talk about a big ego! It’s the same entities appearing in different forms, hiding their tracks just good enough not to spark to many questions and answers, but not well enough to not make history aware of them.

Here’s an example from ancient New Zealand where they posed as fairies –

Added following video March 17th 2017, as it is the alien equivalent of the story from video above. –


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  1. Excellent material. Can’t wait to read it all and study it all. Thank you for your efforts to inform all of us so we can raise our consciousness.

    • Thanks, besides reading all of this blog, I recommend this new video, also reading all of the text.
      And in the least my “Migrating from facebook” post, found in the menu on the top-left.

      The truth and fact of the matter, is so simple, it sometimes escapes the egos ability to accept.

      Of course the source of this information is also a highly recommended, but very long, read.
      There’s a link under the logo and profile located top-right.

      • Ahh thank you! I had to start over! I hope you come back to see it! I am watching that video you mentioned right now! I just found your reply for the first time today! So happy. No one ever responded to anything except you, I appreciate this reply so much!

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