Small update

Added following update May 24th 2017, as the numbers from the latest terror event has been updated. May 22nd, with 223 days left of the year, at 22.33 – a 22 year old bombed and killed 22 people. The numbers of injured is now final, and lands on 119. This is announced on the 144th day of the year. Patterns patterns, do you see them, or is everything random?

Added some info on “Asia” 18th of April 2017 – As well as a body language analysis on North Koreas Kim below the first 2 videos –

Added following update April 30th, on the growing religious insanity, not only in science, but also in the perceived religions –

Added following December 6th –

And with all the focus these moments on fake news, here’s a little insight into real journalism and actual news!

Added the following 2 videos October 16th –

Added following link and video October 14th, mostly for advanced readers of this blog –

As it’s merely a non existent story, there are no things to worry about.

Added following video 12th of October, it’s a little annoying in it’s approach, but extremely relevant if you wish to understand how all of us a played in here. As mentioned so many times throughout this blog, none of this is real, or actually happening, it is merely light, energy. Below this video detailing how the US government manipulates, is a very good explanation on light, and the spectres of light. Then below that, some simple yet interesting laser experiments. Ultimately, all is energy! Awareness is not energy! –

Even though many of the videos featured here are often made by religiously motivated people, I have no other motivation than to try and share with you how everything seems to function by the working of a very simple concept.

I also recommend these.

A new one from Matthew Nicholson, with the 6996

Flooding’s all over the world, with the banks slowly facings troubles.

Some more views into how the story is being pushed.

Added small update on Kanye’s behaviour November 26th –

December 13th, apparently Kanye visited with Trump –

Added this update on Kanye, and a great mini doc on the elites methods 5/5-2017 –

Also added 5/5 A great little piece on a very odd story from the 80’ies Bohemian Grove –


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