Small update

Added following update May 24th 2017, as the numbers from the latest terror event has been updated. May 22nd, with 223 days left of the year, at 22.33 – a 22 year old bombed and killed 22 people. The numbers of injured is now final, and lands on 119. This is announced on the 144th day of the year. Patterns patterns, do you see them, or is everything random?

Added some info on “Asia” 18th of April 2017 – As well as a body language analysis on North Koreas Kim below the first 2 videos –

Added following update April 30th, on the growing religious insanity, not only in science, but also in the perceived religions –

Added following December 6th –

And with all the focus these moments on fake news, here’s a little insight into real journalism and actual news!

Added the following 2 videos October 16th –

Added following link and video October 14th, mostly for advanced readers of this blog –

As it’s merely a non existent story, there are no things to worry about.

Added following video 1st of September 2017 – Same guy as video above, and sneaked into this page, as it seems super relevant. But also unnecessary “fear mongering” as this is nothing but analisys, and as always, nothing may happen just yet. I never removed anything from this blog, and this is the first time I agree with such a warning, which is why I put it here –

Added September 2nd 2017 – Another “fear porn” video, which I obviously put here for a reason, Irma / Rising Mam/mom –

Added September 4th –

Another one September 4th –

And this creepier one –

Added September 5th, some info on the names “Harvey” and “Irma –

Harvey = “Eager for battle/Warrior/Soldier” Irma = “War goddess”

Added following video September 7th 2017 – More hurricanes are showing up, latest one is Katia – 121 in jewish gematria (11 on 11th clock face, death on death) and 42 in simple, 42, the angle needed to view a rainbow. Also the sun shit the bed, first X-flare in 2 years, x of them, 2nd one was the largest in a decade –

7/9 – Just odd –

And this is just insane –

8/9 – Peace and safety –

Added 9/9 2017 – Yesterday, Mexico was struck be the largest earht-quake in a decade. This resulted in massive destruction, and 3,3 feet tsunami waves. In the Movie “The Day After tomorrow from 2004”, several scenarios are now a part of reality. Oddly enough, this movie premiered in Mexico, not a normal thing with American big budget movies. The 8,2 EQ from yesterday happened 13 years 3 months 22 days after the Mexico premiere 17th of May 2004. Here are 2 videos with striking examples from the movie, which recently happened –

Added 19/9 Some small dooms updates, hidden away here, as this is only analysis, and I only dare share here as I consider myself an expert analyst by now, and well into their particular mindsets as well as the religion of the elite. Also, this has been close so often the last few years, the intensity is building, and this could be close. Then all may be a further build up of energy for their next relevant try. Read everything here and on the original blog if you wish to fully understand what’s going on here, and how everything functions. This is web achieved today, and as mentioned above, I never made personal warnings before. This is not at all meant as any fear mongering, as mentioned, this could go on. This is purely for documentation if correct. –

Added 1st of October 2017, a small update from a christian analyst –

Added following update 2nd of October 2017 – 111 days after I posted an image of Rihanna, called Enyo after the greek goddess of destruction, she tweeted a link to a cryptic page that said “you’ll know when it’s time”

Today, 2 years 2 months and 2 weeks, or 113 days and 3 weeks, later, the worse shooting ever occurred in Las Vegas.

Added October 3rd 2017 – 322 days after I uploaded an image of a panda (black and white) holding a AK47, and a picture with dancing penguins (black and white) Paris was hit by a terror attack, especially a concert venue was badly hit, see original facebook post below.

If you count the day of upload, then yesterdays terror event at a music festival was 1012 days later, or 144 weeks and 4 days later. As mentioned in for example the top of the “Brexit” post, these 2 number combinations indicate the fulfilment/completion of a circle/cycle. Also the shooter was in room 135, the angle of the bend in California. Mandalay Bay – Man Death A (The pyramid) LA (Los Angeles) Y (EIN SOF/”GOD” before THIS) BAY. California will be ravaged by earthquakes at one point.

Yesterday was apparently also the first mass shooting using an automatic weapon? –

Added October 5th 2017. Here is a small video documenting how it’s even possible for the elite to arrange these things from right under our noses. A false flag does not indicate that nobody innocent died, but rather that it was on purpose and orchestrated. The shooting took place in PARADISE Nevada, from the 32nd floor. The highest degree of freemasonry, before they become Shriners after their pledge of allegiance to Allah, which is but another name for the same. Basically a story meant to manipulate the masses, stories that the elite put out under the guidance of these energy beings that can appear as whatever they need to appear as to dominate those they need –

Also added oct. 5th 17 – some odd activity, watch video above, and understand the link below, and see how this could very well be an elitist false flag –

Added small update 10/10/17 – As this energy field we witness doesn’t run as we are told, but rather on suggestion and symbolism, there’s is tons of things I want to share and show each day, I doubt it will convince anyone, and it only takes up space. So here are a couple of things.

They found the grave of Santa Claus, in Turkey –

And then Santa Rosa began burning –

Santa Rosa, get it? Satan is about to rise. Of course Satan does not exist per se, nothing does. “He” is but a mere tale from the mind of lucifer, the light bringer, the ego, the eye, the energy, mirrored over into many different concepts on both sides of “good” and “evil”. The suggestion that he is now here is complete, and since the beginning of this small warning series 1st of september 2017, things have gotten crazier yet, and if they begin to calm down, then that’s great!. But the symbolism suggests otherwise.

Added small update 17th of October 2017, 3 weeks 3 days after North Korea spoke at the UN –

“Nuclear war may break out any moment, says N. Korean UN envoy”

This of course does not mean that nuclear war will break out any moment, but another piece of a puzzle leading to something eventually.

Added following video 12th of October (2016), it’s a little annoying in it’s approach, but extremely relevant if you wish to understand how all of us a played in here. As mentioned so many times throughout this blog, none of this is real, or actually happening, it is merely light, energy. Below this video detailing how the US government manipulates, is a very good explanation on light, and the spectres of light. Then below that, some simple yet interesting laser experiments. Ultimately, all is energy! Awareness is not energy! –

Even though many of the videos featured here are often made by religiously motivated people, I have no other motivation than to try and share with you how everything seems to function by the working of a very simple concept.

I also recommend these.

A new one from Matthew Nicholson, with the 6996

Flooding’s all over the world, with the banks slowly facings troubles.

Some more views into how the story is being pushed.

Added small update on Kanye’s behaviour November 26th –

December 13th, apparently Kanye visited with Trump –

Added this update on Kanye, and a great mini doc on the elites methods 5/5-2017 –

Also added 5/5 A great little piece on a very odd story from the 80’ies Bohemian Grove –


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