Thoughts of Thoth

3rd of December 2017 – A brief lecture on how the Egyptian royals Akhenaten and Nefertiti pretty much just invented, or put out, a new religion. It also serves as an example of how everything is the same in different clothes –

Added March 25th 2018 – A timeline from chaos and forward! No one knew or knows what was before all, and science does not understand consciousness! –

16/6 – 2017 Added a small documentary on THOTH. If you want to go directly to the original post, do a page search for religion(s)) or scroll down past the videos below –

Added following video June 10th 2017 – A very interesting view into ancient India. All was since the initial unfolding always the same, merely in different “outfits”. –

Added following video May 30th 2017. As mentioned in the intro, flat earth is a distraction. This does not mean that the current theory/believed “facts” holds any water. As these videos help show, there is something not right about what we are told. It does however not matter at all what shape, or size, the earth is, but the constant debate helps build pressure, read it all to understand what and where this particular pressure is meant to go to! Here is a very good presentation on the plane vs ball subject –

17th of April 2017 – Added the following 2 great and highly recommended documentaries, as they in a simple and precise way cover a lot of subjects relevant to understanding this blog.

Added following 3rd of February 2017 – An expert in many ancient themes, as well as a unique understanding of magnetism, and featured in videos throughout this blog, has translated the Emerald Tablet, also featured on this page. Link in description of video –

Added following video 8th of December 2016, as it is somehow related. It details some symbolism, and tells the ultimate conspiracy, that there is a god and a devil, and many secret societies with various motives, all working to control mankind. All a grand lie! As I am trying to show with this blog –

Added December 16th, a video detailing how the bible tells of what’s to come. This can be applied to all believes, nothing is real, read all of this, and know that observing will set you free –

An entirely subjective analysis of the basis of religion(s))

Sources used are various articles, and wikipedia. You have been warned! 🙂

The following blog-post is an attempt at challenging all religion, by exposing and showing the source.

I try to connect the obvious dots in areas where there are many different opinions.
I take the opinions and beliefs that fit what I am trying to convey.
Which is that all religion stem from the same stem of Thoths’ thoughts.

Do your own research.
An open mind always gets you further, than a stern connection to emotional dogmas.

Who is Thoth?

Thoth is an Egyptian God/Deity.

The Egyptian Gods, as with the greek Gods, have a messy lineage.
So this will be one of the areas where different opinions are available!

Thoth, as well as some of the original Egyptian Deities, is told to have self-created.
However, let’s take a look a Thoths lineage.

His parents are Ra or Horus and Hathor.
Hathor is also Thoths sister.
Hathors only parent is Ra.
Hathor is, in some tradition, considered the mother of Horus.
There is some indication that Ra and Horus are the same.

If we deduct this bizarre trail, Thoth and his mother/sister both have Ra as their father.
If Thoth did not self create, his mother is also the mother of their father.

If we take a look at Ra, we find that one of his parents is Nu/Nun.

the name NUN also appears in the Hebrew bible, and is the father of Joshua.
Joshua is considered a lesser version of Jesus by the Torah.

Nu/Nun is a self-created deification of the watery abyss, or the endless watery/liquid abyss, that existed before all.

Ra is a sun god, especially of the morning or midday sun.

Another sun Diety is Atum. He is associated with the evening sun.

Atum is considered the finisher of the world, as well as the one who returns to watery chaos at the end.

Self created Gods often have consorts/partners with other capabilities or functions.
A consort of Atum is Iusaaset.
Iusaaset is also known as Jusas.

Jusas is considered the grandmother of all Deities.

Jusas is told to have had 2 children with Atum, those were Tefnut and Shu.
Shu is the brother of Hathor.
So here we find that Hathors father is also Atum.

If we do an obvious deduction once again, we now have Ra, Atum and Horus, as being the same diety.
And at the same time both the father and son of Hathor.

Hathor is the personification of joy, feminine love and motherhood.
She sort of is an extension of the tale of Nu/Nun being the origin/source of all in a differentiated world.

To boil it down, or make it more complex, we have the source of all:
We have Nu/Nun/None that came from the eternal sea of nothing, and “fathered” Ra, who is also Horus and Atum.
Then we have Iusaaset, the one who sprang forth, Jusas, grandmother of all dieties.
She had Shu and Tefnut with Atum, Shu and Tefnuts father is also Ra, another connection between Ra and Atum.
Another of Ra’s kids is Hathor. She had Horus, which is another name for Ra and Atum
Jusas is said to have been transcendent at the point of creation, alongside with Atum.
Which brings us back to Atum/Ra/Horus, the finisher of the world.
The one who returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cicle.

As shown, you can make the argument that Hathor is an extension of, or the same as, Nun.
As well as the mother of her father, whom is the finisher of the world.

Hathor and Ra/Horus/Atum conceived Thoth.

Thoth is responsible for all intellectual and learned knowlegde.
All that is able to be percieved through the light of the world, created by Nun and Atum.
Who in some sense created eachother by the force of an eternal sea of nothing.

Thoth is considered to be the Author of the emerald Tablets, albeit under the name Hermes Thrice Great. (Hermes in greek culture is the son of Zeus, whose parents are Cronus/Time and Rhea. Both of his parents share the same mother: Gaia. Gaias parents are None and Chaos)

These emerald tablets, are said to be made of emarald, with beveled, rather than engraved, lettering/hyroglyphs.

They are said to be the source of alchemy, as well as various other esoteric teachings such as kabbalah.

Que the Sphinx and Thutmose IV.

It is told that Thutmose/Tuthmosis fell a sleep under the head of the Sphinx, and that he dreamt that the Sphinx, who is really Horus/Ra/Atum, told Thutmose that he was the son of the Sphinx/Horus/Sun/Ra/Atum (take your pick), and that he would become king/pharoe, if he dug the Sphinx free from the sand.

The Sphinx is considered to be a time capsule of Atlantis.

In greek mythology the Sphinx is responsible for one, and sometimes two, riddles.

First one goes something like: what creature walks on 4, then 2, then 3 legs. The more legs, the weaker.
The answer is man.
Second one is: 2 sisters, one giving birth to the other, and the other giving birth to the first.
Answer is: Day and night.

The Sphinx is considered a manifistation of Hathor, the mother of Thoth and Horus/Ra/Atum.
It is also considered to be a representation of Horus, the father of Hathor and Thoth.

What’s interesting about the work of Thoth, is that he have been accredited with many fantastic things. Such as the book of the dead..
And not videly known, this also contain the 10 commandments of God and Moses.
(Proof from youtube user Cfapps here –

Going back to Thutmose, It looks like he found the emerald tablets, and used their knowlegde to become a worshipped king.
Have his face carved into the face of the Sphinx, that were usually lions, dogs or cats.
Later the sphinxs, as well as many statues of Thutmose, was defaced by having the nose cut of.
A rare form of mockery in ancient Egypt.

Later in the story of life, this in then replicated by Moses, with his own set of stone tablets, with the 10 commandments of god, or Thoth?.

This is only scracthing the surface, and there will be more.

Here’s some of the source material, as well as some recommended videos on Thoth and the emereld tablets.

In no particular order:

Added the following video July 26th 2016. This time youtuber “cfapps” explains how the origins of christian mythology/doctrine have their roots in egyptian mythology/doctrines –

Added October 4th 2016, the Sumerian Kings from an Oxford University translation –

“After the kingship descended from heaven” With this quote alone, we can make the conclusion that some of the first civilisations either had a spectacular imagination, or that we the “modern” people, have been lied to.

But then perhaps, so too were the first civilisations lied to. As all is energy, even “back then” And no one ever suggested that what perceives is not of energy. It’s an illusion in our one mind! Seemingly separated into all the births throughout the apparent history.

August 23rd 2017 – Added following released CIA document about an KGB’s encounter with a vengeful UFO.

Then if curious, check this page from the original blog –

Added following video June 17th 2017 – Cavemen paint UFO, and one eyed creatures with 6 arms. Kali and Cyclops much? All is a remix of the same, which is divided light energy –

There are no space aliens, there are the same entities posing as difference humanoid shapes throughout the story carried out in this one now!

Added following video March 17th 2017, as it very well documents above claim –

Added a trailer August 3rd 2017, to a must see documentary about Government agencies, such as CIA and NSA infiltrating private citizens with an interest in UFO’s, then feeding them bullshit, in exchange for information on the citizens UFO peers. Psy-op much? I was honestly amazed at how blatant this documentary is. It’s also quite an interesting insight into how easy we are to manipulate, as well as how strong belief systems really are.

Added following video June 26th 2017 –

Added following article June 6th – Here’s a quote “NASA has partnered with Robert Bigelow, who’s an unconventional figure in the aerospace world. He’s more at home on the Vegas strip than at America’s space agency, and he’s obsessed with aliens and UFOs.

Added the following link March 9th 2017 – Here’s a quote “The Egyptians believed that before the earth was created, there was nothing but a dark, directionless, chaotic watery mass. In this chaos lived the Ogdoad of Khmunu (Hermopolis), the four frog gods and four snake goddesses of chaos. These beings were Nun and Naunet (water), Amen and Amaunet (invisibility), Heh and Hauhet (infinity) and Kek and Kauket (darkness). The chaos existed without the light, and thus Kek and Kauket came to represent this darkness. They also symbolised obscurity, the kind of obscurity that went with darkness, and night. © Caroline Seawright”

Added 3rd of February 2017 – Here’s a very informative documentary on Kabbalism, the first 7 minutes is enough to understand how this blog relates. It’s all about words and numbers, both symbols –

Added June 11th 2017 – A Rabbi explains some Kabbalism –

Added April 6th 2017 – Science and Kabbalism is the same –

Added April 19th – Witchcraft and freemasonry compared.

Added following article, May 13th 2017, which describes how the freemasonic scientific community goes together like priests back in the day or members of a gang when someone tries to challenge their religion, even the masonic 33 is featured “33 scientists on offensive against critics of popular universe origin theory”  –

Also added may 13th, the following video where a christian makes an interesting discovery. Sigel magick symbols resemble that of electrical relays. It also covers some CERN connections. Before the video is an older reddit article about sigils vs. circuits –

Added April 19th 2017 – An example of how highly educated and well respected people of their time, worked with magick as well as channeling beings (demons or angels, tomato tomato) –

Added following article April 24th – EL ON MUSK wants to give you a wizard hat. The testicles of EL are ON and they want to merge your apparent vessel with magick/science to make you appear to have more fun, while controlling you even further. In the article there is a link to the childish propaganda which speaks to an infantile mind, and as the sickening manipulative explanation proclaims; and I loosely paraphrase – in case you’re in doubt, the wizard hat will be IN your brain – Calling the preferred method mildly invasive, as it has to be inserted on the brain, after earlier in the article making the argument, that non invasive will never allow for as cool options as invasive, and then, they call the ultimate solution mildly invasive. If you are a millennial who has no idea what’s going on, I may come of as an angry old man. I try and vary my argumentation and language so that this does not become too monotone or boring, but I have nothing against this. Am I getting a brain implant? No – my computer doesn’t even work flawlessly, imagine having computer problems inside your mind, as well as being able to be controlled on a whole new level –

November 29th 2017 – Added video relevant to what’s written above –

Added following article June 13th –

And of course, on the 111th day of the year, we get a mainstream article on the coming agenda –

PROOF OF ALIENS? Bizarre transparent ‘alien cylinder’ spotted on live NASA feed for International Space Station leaving star gazers baffled

And lastly in this update, a decoded initiation document from a secret society of Oculists which predates the “Illuminati” by some decades –

Here is a video about it, if you hate to read –

Added July 19th – A small hint that seems to back up the claims I make about “alien life” –

Added an interesting lecture May 2nd 2017. Here’s a quote “we litterally have built our own world, and our own social system, on top of, and out of, the wreckage of former worlds” Why this dramatic reset? To hide what’s really going on, and all you have to do to spot it, is observe –

Added following video December 8th 2017, as it relates somewhat to the one above –

Added following article May 25th – Science – dynamic facts since the 16th century.

Added following article August 6th 2017 – A myriad of “facts” do not add up when it comes the the coming solar eclipse. Luckily, as stated above, science is very dynamic. Things don’t work out anymore, we just change our ideas –

Added following video and link June 13th 2017, this time about the ether –

The issue of “Nature” which is referenced –

Added Oct 16th 2017 –

Added December 14th 2017 – A great lecture, and some great research, that didn’t really fit anywhere else, but is too good not to share with those hungry for some background of all of this worlds hidden history –


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